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   Centrolenidae (glass frogs) 

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   Anura (frogs) 
   Bufonids hylids 
   Centrolenidae (glass frogs) 

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Common Names: glass frogs, leaf frogs

1.  Integrative taxonomy reveals first country record of Hyalinobatrachium mondolfii Señaris and Ayarzagüena 2001, and distribution range extensions for Cochranella nola Harvey 1996, and Rulyrana spiculata Duellman 1976 (Anura: Centrolenidae) in Peru.LinkIT
Chávez G, Pradel R, Catenazzi A
Zootaxa, 2019

2.  Local-scale Seasonality Shapes Anuran Community Abundance in a Cloud Forest of the Tropical Andes.LinkIT
Villa PM, Pérez-Sánchez AJ, Nava F, Acevedo A, Cadenas DA
Zoological studies, 2019

3.  The poverty of adult morphology: Bioacoustics, genetics, and internal tadpole morphology reveal a new species of glassfrog (Anura: Centrolenidae: Ikakogi) from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.LinkIT
Rada M, Dos Santos Dias PH, Pérez-Gonzalez JL, Anganoy-Criollo M, Rueda-Solano LA, Pinto-E MA, Quintero LM, Vargas-Salinas F, Grant T
PloS one, 2019

4.  A new glassfrog (Centrolenidae) from the Chocó-Andean Río Manduriacu Reserve, Ecuador, endangered by mining.LinkIT
Guayasamin JM, Cisneros-Heredia DF, Vieira J, Kohn S, Gavilanes G, Lynch RL, Hamilton PS, Maynard RJ
PeerJ, 2019

5.  Neotropical frogs and mating songs: The evolution of advertisement calls in glassfrogs.LinkIT
Escalona Sulbarán MD, Ivo Simões P, Gonzalez-Voyer A, Castroviejo-Fisher S
Journal of evolutionary biology, 2019

6.  The role of Central American barriers in shaping the evolutionary history of the northernmost glassfrog, Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni (Anura: Centrolenidae).LinkIT
Mendoza AM, Bolívar-García W, Vázquez-Domínguez E, Ibáñez R, Parra Olea G
PeerJ, 2019

7.  Uncovering hidden specific diversity of Andean glassfrogs of the Centrolene buckleyi species complex (Anura: Centrolenidae).LinkIT
Amador L, Parada A, D'Elía G, Guayasamin JM
PeerJ, 2018

8.  Amphibians of the Reserva Ecológica Michelin: a high diversity site in the lowland Atlantic Forest of southern Bahia, Brazil.LinkIT
de Mira-Mendes CV, Ruas DS, de Oliveira RM, Castro IM, Dias IR, Baumgarten JE, Juncá FA, Solé M
ZooKeys, 2018

9.  Widespread Elevational Occurrence of Antifungal Bacteria in Andean Amphibians Decimated by Disease: A Complex Role for Skin Symbionts in Defense Against Chytridiomycosis.LinkIT
Catenazzi A, Flechas SV, Burkart D, Hooven ND, Townsend J, Vredenburg VT
Frontiers in microbiology, 2018

10.  The advertisement call of Centrolene notostictum (Anura, Centrolenidae) with a new record of geographic distribution in Tolima, Colombia.LinkIT
Viuche-Lozano A, Enciso-Calle MP, Bernal MH
Zootaxa, 2018