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Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 

More Specific:
   Acantharchus (mud sunfishes) 
   Ambloplites (rock basses) 
   Archoplites (Sacramento perches) 
   Bodianus (hogfishes) 
   Centrarchus (fliers) 
   Chaenobryttus (warmouths) 
   Cichla (eyetail cichlids) 
   Dioplites nuecensis 
   Enneacanthus (banded sunfishes) 
   Labrus (wrasses) 
   Lepomis (eared sunfishes) 
   Micropterus (largemouth basses) 
   Perca (yellow perches) 
   Pomoxis (crappies) 
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Labrus julis
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Common Names: Bassowate, Zonnebaarzen, sunfishes, achigans et crapets, lobinas, Sonnenbarsche

1.  High-Quality Genome Assembly and Annotation of the Big-Eye Mandarin Fish (Siniperca knerii).LinkIT
Lu L, Zhao J, Li C
G3 (Bethesda, Md.), 2020

2.  The Proteocephalus Species-Aggregate in Freshwater Centrarchid and Percid Fishes of the Nearctic Region (North America).LinkIT
Scholz T, Choudhury A, Uhrová L, Brabec J
The Journal of parasitology, 2019

3.  Bluegill Picornavirus isolated from a mortality event involving Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) in the upper Mississippi River.LinkIT
Leis E, Erickson S, McCann R, Standish I, Katona R, Brecka B, Baumgartner W
Journal of fish diseases, 2019

4.  Limited parasite acquisition by non-native Lepomis gibbosus (Actinopterygii: Centrarchidae) at two ponds in the Upper Rhine basin, Germany.LinkIT
Ondra?ková M, Kvach Y, Martens A, Jurajda P
Journal of helminthology, 2019

5.  Estimating Correlated Rates of Trait Evolution with Uncertainty.LinkIT
Caetano DS, Harmon LJ
Systematic biology, 2019

6.  Phylogenetic analysis of sooty grunter and other major freshwater fishes in the suborder Percoidei based on mitochondrial DNA.LinkIT
Zhao L, Dong J, Sun C, Tian Y, Hu J, Ye X
Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 2019

7.  Native bluegill influence the foraging and aggressive behavior of invasive mosquitofish.LinkIT
Clemmer JH, Rettig JE
PeerJ, 2019

8.  Non-native parasitic copepod Neoergasilus japonicus (Harada, 1930) utilizes non-native fish host Lepomis gibbosus (L.) in the floodplain of the River Dyje (Danube basin).LinkIT
Ondra?ková M, Fojt? J, Seifertová M, Kvach Y, Jurajda P
Parasitology research, 2019

9.  Changing environmental gradients over forty years alter ecomorphological variation in Guadalupe Bass Micropterus treculii throughout a river basin.LinkIT
Pease JE, Grabowski TB, Pease AA, Bean PT
Ecology and evolution, 2018

10.  Metazoan parasites of Micropterus salmoides (Lacépède 1802) (Perciformes, Centrarchidae): a review with evidences of spillover and spillback.LinkIT
Costa APL, Takemoto RM, Vitule JRS
Parasitology research, 2018