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1.  Phylogeny and a new tribal classification of the Panicoideae s.l. (Poaceae) based on plastid and nuclear sequence data and structural data.LinkIT
Sánchez-Ken JG, Clark LG
American journal of botany, 2010

2.  The complete chloroplast genome of tall fescue (Lolium arundinaceum; Poaceae) and comparison of whole plastomes from the family Poaceae.LinkIT
Cahoon AB, Sharpe RM, Mysayphonh C, Thompson EJ, Ward AD, Lin A
American journal of botany, 2010

3.  Nuclear DNA variation, chromosome numbers and polyploidy in the endemic and indigenous grass flora of New Zealand.LinkIT
Murray BG, De Lange PJ, Ferguson AR
Annals of botany, 2005

4.  Phylogeny of the grass family (Poaceae) from rpl16 intron sequence data.LinkIT
Zhang W
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2000

5.  Evolutionary implications of matK indels in Poaceae.LinkIT
Hilu KW, Alice LA
American journal of botany, 1999

6.  Relationships of cereal crops and other grasses.LinkIT
Kellogg EA
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 1998