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   Catriona aurantia 
   Catriona casha 
   Catriona columbiana (red-tentacle cuthona) 
   Catriona gymnota (orange-tip cuthona) 
   Catriona maua 
   Catriona oba 
   Catriona rickettsi 
   Catriona speciosa 
   Catriona veronica 
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Catriona gymnota

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11.  Babies in occiput posterior position are significantly more likely to require an emergency cesarean birth compared with babies in occiput transverse position in the second stage of labor: A prospective observational study.LinkIT
Tempest N, Lane S, Hapangama D,
Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica, 2020

12.  Prevalence of human papillomavirus in teenage heterosexual males following the implementation of female and male school-based vaccination in Australia: 2014-2017.LinkIT
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13.  Morphology and development of the Portuguese man of war, Physalia physalis.LinkIT
Munro C, Vue Z, Behringer RR, Dunn CW
Scientific reports, 2019

14.  Development of a Non-invasive Device for Swallow Screening in Patients at Risk of Oropharyngeal Dysphagia: Results from a Prospective Exploratory Study.LinkIT
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15.  Pharmacogenomic Testing: Clinical Evidence and Implementation Challenges.LinkIT
Hippman C, Nislow C
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16.  Aspirin versus placebo for the treatment of venous leg ulcers-a phase II, pilot, randomised trial (AVURT).LinkIT
Helen T, Liz C, Laura C, Illary S, Martin B, Hannah B, Ian C, Jo D, Chris F, Rachael F, Rhian G, Keith H, Alison L, Ellie L, Catriona MD, Christine M, Debbie R, Gerard S, David T, Peter V, Laurie W, Robert H
Trials, 2019

17.  Delusional infestation in the treatment of ADHD with atomoxetine.LinkIT
Howes CF, Sharp C
Drug and therapeutics bulletin, 2019

18.  Effects of Inulin Propionate Ester Incorporated into Palatable Food Products on Appetite and Resting Energy Expenditure: A Randomised Crossover Study.LinkIT
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19.  Specialist Clinicians' Management of Dependence on Non-Prescription Medicines and Barriers to Treatment Provision: An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study Using Behavioural Theory.LinkIT
Fingleton N, Duncan E, Watson M, Matheson C
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20.  Challenges to assumptions regarding oral shear rate during oral processing and swallowing based on sensory testing with thickened liquids.LinkIT
Ong JJ, Steele CM, Duizer LM
Food hydrocolloids, 2018