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   Carpathica boettgeri 
   Carpathica insularis 
   Carpathica schlickumi 
   Carpathica stussineri 

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1.  Turritellidae (Gastropoda) of the Miocene Paratethys Sea with considerations about turritellid genera.LinkIT
Harzhauser M, Landau B
Zootaxa, 2019

2.  Contribution to the knowledge of Turkish stoneflies with annotated catalogue (Insecta: Plecoptera).LinkIT
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Zootaxa, 2016

3.  A Molecular Phylogeny of the Lichen Genus Lecidella Focusing on Species from Mainland China.LinkIT
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4.  Erotylidae (Insecta, Coleoptera) of Poland - problematic taxa, updated keys and new records.LinkIT
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5.  Larvae of chigger mites Neotrombicula spp. (Acari: Trombiculidae) exhibited Borrelia but no Anaplasma infections: a field study including birds from the Czech Carpathians as hosts of chiggers.LinkIT
Literak I, Stekolnikov AA, Sychra O, Dubska L, Taragelova V
Experimental & applied acarology, 2008

6.  [New species and sympatric relations of the chigger mite species group Talmiensis (Trombiculidae, Neotrombicula)].LinkIT
Stekol'nikov AA
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7.  Maritrema neomi n. sp. (Digenea: Microphallidae) from water shrews (Neomys).LinkIT
Tkach VV
The Journal of parasitology, 1998

8.  [65. On substances contained in lichens. The substances contained in Lecidea carpathica (Koerb) Szat. and the structure of thuringione, a new xanthone].LinkIT
Huneck S, Santesson J
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