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Broader Terms:
   Ophidiiformes (ophidiiforms) 

More Specific:
   Carapinae (pearlfishes) 
   Carapus (pearlfishes) 
   Pyramodontinae (pyramodontines) 
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Common Names: aurins, pearlfishes, perleros, carapids

1.  A new pearlfish, Onuxodon albometeori sp. nov. (Ophidiiformes: Carapidae), from Taiwan.LinkIT
Koeda K
Zootaxa, 2019

2.  Morphology of a unique ophidiid, Hypopleuron caninum Radcliffe 1913 (Ophidiiformes, Ophidiidae, Neobythitinae), suggesting a close relationship with the family Carapidae.LinkIT
Ohashi S
Zootaxa, 2018

3.  Do syntopic host species harbour similar symbiotic communities? The case of Chaetopterus spp. (Annelida: Chaetopteridae).LinkIT
Britayev TA, Mekhova E, Deart Y, Martin D
PeerJ, 2017

4.  A new classification of viviparous brotulas (Bythitidae) - with family status for Dinematichthyidae - based on molecular, morphological and fossil data.LinkIT
Møller PR, Knudsen SW, Schwarzhans W, Nielsen JG
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2016

5.  From commensalism to parasitism in Carapidae (Ophidiiformes): heterochronic modes of development?LinkIT
Parmentier E, Lanterbecq D, Eeckhaut I
PeerJ, 2016

6.  Sound production in Onuxodon fowleri (Carapidae) and its amplification by the host shell.LinkIT
Kéver L, Colleye O, Lugli M, Lecchini D, Lerouvreur F, Herrel A, Parmentier E
The Journal of experimental biology, 2014

7.  Otolith crystals (in Carapidae): growth and habit.LinkIT
Parmentier E, Cloots R, Warin R, Henrist C
Journal of structural biology, 2007

8.  Aspects of sound communication in the pearlfish Carapus boraborensis and Carapus homei (Carapidae).LinkIT
Lagardère JP, Millot S, Parmentier E
Journal of experimental zoology. Part A, Comparative experimental biology, 2005

9.  Characterization of the primary sonic muscles in Carapus acus (Carapidae): a multidisciplinary approach.LinkIT
Parmentier E, Gennotte V, Focant B, Goffinet G, Vandewalle P
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2003

10.  Sound-producing mechanisms and recordings in Carapini species (Teleostei, Pisces).LinkIT
Parmentier E, Vandewalle P, Lagardère JP
Journal of comparative physiology. A, Neuroethology, sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology, 2003