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51.  Life-time exposure to waterborne copper IV: Sperm quality parameters are negatively affected in the killifish Poecilia vivipara.LinkIT
Zebral YD, Anni ISA, Junior ASV, Corcini CD, da Silva JC, Caldas JS, Acosta IB, Afonso SB, Bianchini A
Chemosphere, 2019

52.  Fatal lancehead pit viper (Bothrops spp.) envenomation in horses.LinkIT
Machado M, Wilson TM, Ribeiro de Sousa DE, Lopes Câmara AC, Furlan FH, Silva Almeida E Macêdo JT, Pupin RC, Amaral de Lemos RA, Armién AG, Barros SS, Riet-Correa F, Botelho de Castro M
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2019

53.  Improvement of the characteristics of fish gelatin - gum arabic through the formation of the polyelectrolyte complex.LinkIT
Oliveira LC, Barbosa JR, Ribeiro SDCA, Vasconcelos MAM, Aguiar BA, Pereira GVDS, Albuquerque GA, Silva FNLD, Crizel RL, Campelo PH, Lourenço LFH
Carbohydrate polymers, 2019

54.  Efficiency of a low-cost pyramid-shaped solar still for pesticide removal from highly contaminated water.LinkIT
Hoff R, Echeverria AD, Hoff GD, Kneip RC, Jank L, Arsand J, Gonçalves FF
Chemosphere, 2019

55.  Population Dynamics of Thermotolerant Campylobacter in Broilers Reared on Reused Litter.LinkIT
Rauber Würfel SF, Voss-Rech D, Dos Santos Pozza J, Coldebella A, Santiago Silva V, Vaz CSL
Foodborne pathogens and disease, 2019

56.  Systems plant physiology: An integrated view of plants life.LinkIT
Souza GM, Trewavas T, de Menezes Daloso D
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology, 2019

57.  Neoplastic patients' knowledge about intestinal parasitoses in southern Brazil.LinkIT
Jeske S, Bianchi TF, Leon ÍF, Villela MM
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2019

58.  Frequency of enteroparasitic infections and serum positivity for Toxocara spp. in children from a public day care center in Southern Brazil.LinkIT
Araújo GMS, Walcher DL, Previtali IF, Lehman LM, Costa MP, Susin LO, Avila LFC, Scaini CJ
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2019

59.  Sensitivity to antifungals by Candida spp samples isolated from cases of chronic atrophic candidiasis (CAC).LinkIT
Reinhardt LC, Nascente PS, Ribeiro JS, Guimarães VBS, Etges A, Lund RG
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2019

60.  Immunolocalization of Leptin and its Receptor (ObR-b) in Equine Placenta at Term and Plasma Level Measurement in the Late Gestation.LinkIT
Pazinato FM, Curcio BDR, Varela Junior AS, Corcini CD, Wendt CG, Moreira F, Schmit RA, Nogueira CEW
Journal of equine veterinary science, 2019