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Cantharellaceae of Guyana II: New species of Craterellus, new South America... - PubMed: "nov"


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1.  Two new illudane sesquiterpenoids and one new menthane monoterpene from cultures of Craterellus cornucopioides.LinkIT
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2.  Taxonomy in the Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB): Progress during the past decade (2008-2018) and perspectives on future development.LinkIT
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3.  New Acetylenic Acids and Derivatives from the Edible Mushroom Craterellus lutescens (Cantharellaceae).LinkIT
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Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2017

4.  New acetylenic acids and derivatives from the Basidiomycete Craterellus lutescens (Cantharellaceae).LinkIT
Huang Y, Zhang SB, Chen HP, Zhao ZZ, Li ZH, Feng T, Liu JK
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6.  Cantharellaceae of Guyana II: new species of Craterellus, new South American distribution records for Cantharellus guyanensis and Craterellus excelsus, and a key to the Neotropical taxa.LinkIT
Henkel TW, Wilson AW, Aime MC, Dierks J, Uehling JK, Roy M, Schimann H, Wartchow F, Mueller GM
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7.  New records of Cantharellus species from the northwestern Himalayas of India.LinkIT
Deepika K, Reddy MS, Upadhyay RC
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8.  Wild mushroom--an underutilized healthy food resource and income generator: experience from Tanzania rural areas.LinkIT
Tibuhwa DD
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9.  Cantharellaceae of Guyana I: new species, combinations and distribution records of Craterellus and a synopsis of known taxa.LinkIT
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10.  Afrocantharellus gen. stat. nov. is part of a rich diversity of African Cantharellaceae.LinkIT
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