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   Calidris minutilla (American stint) 

Broader Terms:
   Calidris (stints) 
   Ciconiiformes (falconiforms) 
   Scolopacidae (sandpipers) 
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Least Sandpiper - Birds/Aves Photo Pool

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Common Names: アメリカヒバリシギ, Ox-Eye, Wiesenstrandläufer, oxeye, Dvärgsnäppa, bècasseau minuscule, sand-peep, least or sandpiper, Least Sandpiper, Piro piro americano, American stint, Kleinste Strandloper, mud-peep, Playero chichicuilote, bécasseau minuscule, peep, Gambecchio americano, little sandpeep, Correlimos menudillo, bécasseau minuscule, Wilson's stint

1.  Consistent declines in wing lengths of Calidridine sandpipers suggest a rapid morphometric response to environmental change.LinkIT
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2.  A review of the mite subfamily Harpirhynchinae (Acariformes: Harpirhynchidae)--parasites of New World birds (Aves: Neognathae).LinkIT
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3.  First records of chewing lice (Phthiraptera: Menoponidae) in Pacific migratory shorebirds wintering in Ecuador.LinkIT
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