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   Liza aurata (Calamita botolo) 
   Liza ramada (Muggine calamita) 
   Liza ramado (Cefalo calamita) 


Broader Terms:
   Hylidae (new world tree frogs) 

More Specific:
   Calamita botolo 
   Calamita cinereus 
   Calamita punctata 
   Calamita tibicen 
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51.  Facially generated and cephalometric guided 3D digital design for complete mouth implant rehabilitation: A clinical report.LinkIT
Coachman C, Calamita MA, Coachman FG, Coachman RG, Sesma N
The Journal of prosthetic dentistry, 2017

52.  SBDS-Deficient Cells Have an Altered Homeostatic Equilibrium due to Translational Inefficiency Which Explains their Reduced Fitness and Provides a Logical Framework for Intervention.LinkIT
Calamita P, Miluzio A, Russo A, Pesce E, Ricciardi S, Khanim F, Cheroni C, Alfieri R, Mancino M, Gorrini C, Rossetti G, Peluso I, Pagani M, Medina DL, Rommens J, Biffo S
PLoS genetics, 2017

53.  Dynamical modeling of liver Aquaporin-9 expression and glycerol permeability in hepatic glucose metabolism.LinkIT
Gena P, Buono ND, D'Abbicco M, Mastrodonato M, Berardi M, Svelto M, Lopez L, Calamita G
European journal of cell biology, 2017

54.  Synthetic rainfall vibrations evoke toad emergence.LinkIT
Márquez R, Beltrán JF, Llusia D, Penna M, Narins PM
Current biology : CB, 2016

55.  Use of anteromedial thigh perforator flap and immunological implications of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome: a case study.LinkIT
Scalise A, Calamita R, Tartaglione C, Bolletta E, Di Benedetto G, Pierangeli M
Journal of wound care, 2016

56.  Hepatocyte and Sertoli Cell Aquaporins, Recent Advances and Research Trends.LinkIT
Bernardino RL, Marinelli RA, Maggio A, Gena P, Cataldo I, Alves MG, Svelto M, Oliveira PF, Calamita G
International journal of molecular sciences, 2016

57.  Evaluation of MPEG-7-Based Audio Descriptors for Animal Voice Recognition over Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks.LinkIT
Luque J, Larios DF, Personal E, Barbancho J, León C
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 2016

58.  The power of science diplomacy, a lesson from the Nobel laureate Peter Agre.LinkIT
Calamita G, Portincasa P
European journal of clinical investigation, 2016

59.  Development of Nuclear Microsatellite Loci and Mitochondrial Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for the Natterjack Toad, Bufo (Epidalea) calamita (Bufonidae), Using Next Generation Sequencing and Competitive Allele Specific PCR (KASPar).LinkIT
Faucher L, Godé C, Arnaud JF
The Journal of heredity, 2016

60.  Density regulation in toad populations (Epidalea calamita, Bufotes viridis) by differential winter survival of juveniles.LinkIT
Sinsch U, Schäfer AM
Journal of thermal biology, 2016