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   Bulleidia extructa 
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   Bulleidia oral clone 
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1.  Bulleidia extructa prosthetic hip infection after a dental procedure: Potential need for prophylaxis.LinkIT
Posalski I, Morgan MA, Riley ME, Goldstein EJC
Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 2020

2.  High-throughput sequencing provides insights into oral microbiota dysbiosis in association with inflammatory bowel disease.LinkIT
Qi Y, Zang SQ, Wei J, Yu HC, Yang Z, Wu HM, Kang Y, Tao H, Yang MF, Jin L, Zen K, Wang FY
Genomics, 2020

3.  Microbial biodiversity in the throats of pulmonary tuberculosis patients and tuberculin skin test (TST) positive and negative healthy individuals in Malaysia.LinkIT
Semail N, Suraiya S, Calero R, Mirabal M, Carrillo H, Ezzeddin Kamil MH, Sarmiento ME, Acosta A, Norazmi MN
Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2020

4.  The Influences of Bioinformatics Tools and Reference Databases in Analyzing the Human Oral Microbial Community.LinkIT
Sierra MA, Li Q, Pushalkar S, Paul B, Sandoval TA, Kamer AR, Corby P, Guo Y, Ruff RR, Alekseyenko AV, Li X, Saxena D
Genes, 2020

5.  Longitudinal development of the gut microbiota in healthy and diarrheic piglets induced by age-related dietary changes.LinkIT
Yang Q, Huang X, Wang P, Yan Z, Sun W, Zhao S, Gun S
MicrobiologyOpen, 2019

6.  Analysis of the colonic mucosa associated microbiota (MAM) using brushing samples during colonic endoscopic procedures.LinkIT
Matsumoto H, Kuroki Y, Higashi S, Goda K, Fukushima S, Katsumoto R, Oosawa M, Murao T, Ishii M, Oka K, Takahashi M, Osaki T, Kamiya S, Shiotani A
Journal of clinical biochemistry and nutrition, 2019

7.  Host Gender and Androgen Levels Regulate Gut Bacterial Taxa in Pigs Leading to Sex-Biased Serum Metabolite Profiles.LinkIT
He M, Gao J, Wu J, Zhou Y, Fu H, Ke S, Yang H, Chen C, Huang L
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

8.  Effect of gastrointestinal microbiome and its diversity on the expression of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer.LinkIT
Shi J, Geng C, Sang M, Gao W, Li S, Yang S, Li Z
Oncology letters, 2019

9.  Association of the oral microbiome with the progression of impaired fasting glucose in a Chinese elderly population.LinkIT
Wang RR, Xu YS, Ji MM, Zhang L, Li D, Lang Q, Zhang L, Ji G, Liu BC
Journal of oral microbiology, 2019

10.  Gut microbiome changes in overweight male adults following bowel preparation.LinkIT
Chen HM, Chen CC, Chen CC, Wang SC, Wang CL, Huang CH, Liou JS, Liu TW, Peng HL, Lin FM, Liu CY, Weng SL, Cheng CJ, Hung YF, Liao CC, Huang HD
BMC genomics, 2018