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1.  Historical Refugia and Isolation by Distance of the Mud Snail, Bullacta exarata (Philippi, 1849) in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.LinkIT
Shi LY, Li J, Wu SQ, Han J
Frontiers in genetics, 2018

2.  A Novel Polysaccharide Conjugate from Bullacta exarata Induces G1-Phase Arrest and Apoptosis in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells.LinkIT
Liao N, Sun L, Chen J, Zhong J, Zhang Y, Zhang R
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2017

3.  Isolation and structural characterization of a novel antioxidant mannoglucan from a marine bubble snail, Bullacta exarata (Philippi).LinkIT
Liu D, Liao N, Ye X, Hu Y, Wu D, Guo X, Zhong J, Wu J, Chen S
Marine drugs, 2013

4.  Three sulphated polysaccharides isolated from the mucilage of mud snail, Bullacta exarata philippi: characterization and antitumour activity.LinkIT
Zhang D, Wang C, Wu H, Xie J, Du L, Xia Z, Cai J, Huang Z, Wei D
Food chemistry, 2013

5.  Isolation and purification of a peptide from Bullacta exarata and its impaction of apoptosis on prostate cancer cell.LinkIT
Ma J, Huang F, Lin H, Wang X
Marine drugs, 2013

6.  Biomarker responses and genotoxicity in the mud snail (Bullacta exarata) as indicators of coastal contamination.LinkIT
An LH, Zheng BH, Wang LJ, Zhang YQ, Chen H, Zhao XR, Zhang L, Lei K
Marine pollution bulletin, 2012

7.  [Bioturbation of macrobenthos on estuarine sediment].LinkIT
Qin XB, Sun HW, Wu JZ, Wang RN, Sun TH
Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology, 2010

8.  [Niche of macrozoobenthos in intertidal zone of Jiaojiang Estuary].LinkIT
Zhao YQ, Zeng JN, Gao AG, Chen QZ, Shou L, Liao YB, Huang YJ
Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology, 2009

9.  [Heavy metals accumulation in macrobenthos in intertidal flat of Yangtze Estuary].LinkIT
Bi C, Chen Z, Xu S, Li L, Chen X
Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology, 2006

10.  Ultrastructure of spermatozoa of Bullacta exarata (philippi) and its significance on reproductive evolution and physio-ecological adaptation.LinkIT
Ying XP, Yang WX, Jiang NC, Zhang YP
Journal of Zhejiang University. Science, 2004