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   Acacia caerulescens (Buchan Blue Wattle (Au)) 

   Acacia caerulescens (Buchan Blue) 
   Racosperma caerulescens 

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   Acacia (Acacias) 

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Did you mean: Bucania, Buccania, Buchannia or Bukan?

1.  Feasibility of reporting results of large randomised controlled trials to participants: experience from the Fluoxetine Or Control Under Supervision (FOCUS) trial.LinkIT
Mead G, Dennis M,
BMJ open, 2020

2.  Mechanical testing of glutaraldehyde cross-linked mitral valves. Part two: Elastic and viscoelastic properties of chordae tendineae.LinkIT
Constable M, Northeast R, Lawless BM, Burton HE, Gramigna V, Goh KL, Buchan KG, Espino DM
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of engineering in medicine, 2020

3.  Mechanical testing of glutaraldehyde cross-linked mitral valves. Part one: In vitro mechanical behaviour.LinkIT
Northeast R, Constable M, Burton HE, Lawless BM, Gramigna V, Lim Goh K, Buchan KG, Espino DM
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of engineering in medicine, 2020

4.  Publisher Correction: A genomic catalog of Earth's microbiomes.LinkIT
Nayfach S, Roux S, Seshadri R, Udwary D, Varghese N, Schulz F, Wu D, Paez-Espino D, Chen IM, Huntemann M, Palaniappan K, Ladau J, Mukherjee S, Reddy TBK, Nielsen T, Kirton E, Faria JP, Edirisinghe JN, Henry CS, Jungbluth SP, Chivian D, Dehal P, Wood-Charlson EM, Arkin AP, Tringe SG, Visel A, , Woyke T, Mouncey NJ, Ivanova NN, Kyrpides NC, Eloe-Fadrosh EA
Nature biotechnology, 2020

5.  Risk Factor Control and Cardiovascular Event Risk in People With Type 2 Diabetes in Primary and Secondary Prevention Settings.LinkIT
Wright AK, Suarez-Ortegon MF, Read SH, Kontopantelis E, Buchan I, Emsley R, Sattar N, Ashcroft DM, Wild SH, Rutter MK
Circulation, 2020

6.  Preoperative prognostic factors associated with postoperative delirium in older people undergoing surgery: protocol for a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis.LinkIT
Buchan TA, Sadeghirad B, Schmutz N, Goettel N, Foroutan F, Couban R, Mbuagbaw L, Dodsworth BT
Systematic reviews, 2020

7.  Predicting airborne coronavirus inactivation by far-UVC in populated rooms using a high-fidelity coupled radiation-CFD model.LinkIT
Buchan AG, Yang L, Atkinson KD
Scientific reports, 2020

8.  'Long-COVID': a cross-sectional study of persisting symptoms, biomarker and imaging abnormalities following hospitalisation for COVID-19.LinkIT
Mandal S, Barnett J, Brill SE, Brown JS, Denneny EK, Hare SS, Heightman M, Hillman TE, Jacob J, Jarvis HC, Lipman MCI, Naidu SB, Nair A, Porter JC, Tomlinson GS, Hurst JR,
Thorax, 2020

9.  Resting heart rate as an important predictor of mortality & morbidity in ambulatory patients with heart failure: A systematic review & meta-analysis.LinkIT
Lau K, Malik A, Foroutan F, Buchan TA, Daza JF, Sekercioglu N, Orchanian-Cheff A, Alba AC
Journal of cardiac failure, 2020

10.  Rural retention strategies in the South-East Asia Region: evidence to guide effective implementation.LinkIT
Zapata T, Buchan J, Tangcharoensathien V, Meliala A, Karunathilake I, Tin N, Nandi S, Tobgay T, Noree T
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 2020