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Creneis carolina gen. et sp. nov. (Heterolobosea), a Novel Marine Anaerobic... - PubMed: species
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1.  Environmental Breviatea harbour mutualistic Arcobacter epibionts.LinkIT
Hamann E, Gruber-Vodicka H, Kleiner M, Tegetmeyer HE, Riedel D, Littmann S, Chen J, Milucka J, Viehweger B, Becker KW, Dong X, Stairs CW, Hinrichs KU, Brown MW, Roger AJ, Strous M
Nature, 2016

2.  Complex patterns of gene fission in the eukaryotic folate biosynthesis pathway.LinkIT
Maguire F, Henriquez FL, Leonard G, Dacks JB, Brown MW, Richards TA
Genome biology and evolution, 2014

3.  Creneis carolina gen. et sp. nov. (Heterolobosea), a novel marine anaerobic protist with strikingly derived morphology and life cycle.LinkIT
Pánek T, Simpson AG, Hampl V, Cepi?ka I
Protist, 2014

4.  Early evolution of eukaryote feeding modes, cell structural diversity, and classification of the protozoan phyla Loukozoa, Sulcozoa, and Choanozoa.LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T
European journal of protistology, 2013