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   Branchiostegus albus (White horsehead) 
   Branchiostegus argentatus (Silver horsehead) 
   Branchiostegus australiensis 
   Branchiostegus doliatus (Ribbed tilefish) 
   Branchiostegus japonicus (Japanese horsehead fish) 
   Latilus argentatus 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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Philometroides acanthopagri sp. nov., a new philometrid (Nematoda, Philomet... - PubMed: species

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Common Names: Lumod, Silver horsehead, Ikan ubin, 真方头鱼, Tǔng-hǔk-chǒm-ok-tu-ǒ, 馬頭, 銀馬頭魚, Morado, Dorado, Tung-huk-chom-ok-tu-o, Yín fāng tóu yú, 銀方頭魚, Pantranco, 银马头鱼, 马头, Cá đầu vuông bạc, Sumitsuki-ama-dai, Pandawan, Yín fang tóu yú, Cá d?u vuông b?c, Dolpin, 银方头鱼, 真方頭魚, Sumitsuki-amadai

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