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   Botryotinia allii 
   Botryotinia arachidis 
   Botryotinia calthae 
   Botryotinia convoluta 
   Botryotinia draytoni 
   Botryotinia draytonii 
   Botryotinia fabae 
   Botryotinia ficariarum 
   Botryotinia fritillarii-pallidiflori 
   Botryotinia fuckeliana 
   Botryotinia fuckeliana partitivirus 
   Botryotinia fuckeliana totivirus 
   Botryotinia globosa 
   Botryotinia moricola 
   Botryotinia narcissicola 
   Botryotinia pelargonii 
   Botryotinia polyblastis 
   Botryotinia porri 
   Botryotinia ranunculi 
   Botryotinia ricini 
   Botryotinia sphaerosperma 
   Botryotinia squamosa 
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1.  Botryotins A-H, Tetracyclic Diterpenoids Representing Three Carbon Skeletons from a Deep-Sea-Derived Botryotinia fuckeliana.LinkIT
Niu S, Xie CL, Xia JM, Liu QM, Peng G, Liu GM, Yang XW
Organic letters, 2020

2.  A New Pimarane Diterpenoid from the Botryotinia fuckeliana Fungus Isolated from Deep-Sea Water.LinkIT
Niu S, Peng G, Xia JM, Xie CL, Li Z, Yang XW
Chemistry & biodiversity, 2019

3.  Aphidicolin Chemistry of the Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Botryotinia fuckeliana MCCC 3A00494.LinkIT
Niu S, Xia JM, Li Z, Yang LH, Yi ZW, Xie CL, Peng G, Luo ZH, Shao Z, Yang XW
Journal of natural products, 2019

4.  Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of Botrytis cinerea Population from Kiwifruit in Sichuan Province, China.LinkIT
Pei YG, Tao QJ, Zheng XJ, Li Y, Sun XF, Li ZF, Qi XB, Xu J, Zhang M, Chen HB, Chang XL, Tang HM, Sui LY, Gong GS
Plant disease, 2019

5.  Synthesis and fungicidal activity of novel imidazole-based ketene dithioacetals.LinkIT
Jeanmart S, Gagnepain J, Maity P, Lamberth C, Cederbaum F, Rajan R, Jacob O, Blum M, Bieri S
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 2018

6.  The process-related dynamics of microbial community during a simulated fermentation of Chinese strong-flavored liquor.LinkIT
Zhang Y, Zhu X, Li X, Tao Y, Jia J, He X
BMC microbiology, 2017

7.  Quantification and identification of microorganisms found on shell and kernel of fresh edible chestnuts in Michigan.LinkIT
Donis-González IR, Guyer DE, Fulbright DW
Journal of the science of food and agriculture, 2016

8.  Whole-Metagenome-Sequencing-Based Community Profiles of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Corvina Berries Withered in Two Post-harvest Conditions.LinkIT
Salvetti E, Campanaro S, Campedelli I, Fracchetti F, Gobbi A, Tornielli GB, Torriani S, Felis GE
Frontiers in microbiology, 2016

9.  First Report of Gray Mold of Rhizoma paridis Caused by Botrytis cinerea in China.LinkIT
You JM, Wang QH, Lin XM, Guo J, Ai LQ, Zhang MD, Mu S, Guo XL, He YS, Liu HH, Wang H, Zhang Y, Zhao RJ, Wang S
Plant disease, 2014

10.  First Report of Botrytis cinerea Causing Stem Blight of Scutellaria baicalensis in Jilin Province, China.LinkIT
Lu BH, Yang LN, Wu XY, Gao J
Plant disease, 2014