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   Bothriechis (Palm Pit Vipers) 

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1.  Clinical syndromes associated with Viperidae family snake envenomation in southwestern Colombia.LinkIT
Cañas CA, Castro-Herrera F, Castaño-Valencia S
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2021

2.  Venomics and biochemical analysis of the black-tailed horned pitviper, Mixcoatlus melanurus, and characterization of Melanurutoxin, a novel crotoxin homolog.LinkIT
Neri-Castro E, Sanz L, Olvera-Rodríguez A, Bénard-Valle M, Alagón A, Calvete JJ
Journal of proteomics, 2020

3.  Comparative characterization of Viperidae snake venoms from Perú reveals two compositional patterns of phospholipase A2 expression.LinkIT
Lomonte B, Díaz C, Chaves F, Fernández J, Ruiz M, Salas M, Zavaleta A, Calvete JJ, Sasa M
Toxicon: X, 2020

4.  Trait differentiation and modular toxin expression in palm-pitvipers.LinkIT
Mason AJ, Margres MJ, Strickland JL, Rokyta DR, Sasa M, Parkinson CL
BMC genomics, 2020

5.  De Novo Assessment and Review of Pan-American Pit Viper Anticoagulant and Procoagulant Venom Activities via Kinetomic Analyses.LinkIT
Nielsen VG, Frank N, Afshar S
Toxins, 2019

6.  Preclinical assessment of the neutralizing efficacy of snake antivenoms in Latin America and the Caribbean: A review.LinkIT
Gutiérrez JM
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2018

7.  Contributions of the snake venoms of Bothrops asper, Crotalus simus and Lachesis stenophrys to the paraspecificity of the Central American polyspecific antivenom (PoliVal-ICP).LinkIT
Solano G, Gómez A, Corrales G, Chacón D, Estrada R, León G
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2018

8.  Proteomic analysis of venom variability and ontogeny across the arboreal palm-pitvipers (genus Bothriechis).LinkIT
Pla D, Sanz L, Sasa M, Acevedo ME, Dwyer Q, Durban J, Pérez A, Rodriguez Y, Lomonte B, Calvete JJ
Journal of proteomics, 2017

9.  Novel Catalytically-Inactive PII Metalloproteinases from a Viperid Snake Venom with Substitutions in the Canonical Zinc-Binding Motif.LinkIT
Camacho E, Sanz L, Escalante T, Pérez A, Villalta F, Lomonte B, Neves-Ferreira AG, Feoli A, Calvete JJ, Gutiérrez JM, Rucavado A
Toxins, 2016

10.  A cryptic palm-pitviper species (Squamata: Viperidae: Bothriechis) from the Costa Rican highlands, with notes on the variation within B. nigroviridis.LinkIT
Doan TM, Mason AJ, Castoe TA, Sasa M, Parkinson CL
Zootaxa, 2016