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   Bothriechis (Palm Pit Vipers) 

Broader Terms:
   Bothriechis (Palm Pit Vipers) 
   Viperidae (vipers) 

More Specific:
   Bothriechis albocarinata 
   Bothriechis alticolus 
   Bothriechis aurifer (Yellow-blotched Palm Pit Viper) 
   Bothriechis bicolor (Guatemala Palm Pit Viper) 
   Bothriechis lateralis (Side-striped Palm Pit Viper) 
   Bothriechis mahnerti 
   Bothriechis marchi (March's Palm Pit Viper) 
   Bothriechis nigroviridis (Black-speckled Palm Pit Viper) 
   Bothriechis oligolepis 
   Bothriechis ornatus 
   Bothriechis probiscideus 
   Bothriechis rowleyi (Rowley's Palm Pit Viper) 
   Bothriechis schlegelii (Eyelash Viper) 
   Bothriechis supercilliaris 
   Bothriechis supraciliaris 
   Bothriechis taeniatus 
   Bothriechis thalassinus 
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Common Names: Palm Pit Vipers

31.  Purification, sequencing, and phylogenetic analyses of novel Lys-49 phospholipases A(2) from the venoms of rattlesnakes and other pit vipers.LinkIT
Tsai IH, Chen YH, Wang YM, Tu MC, Tu AT
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 2001

32.  A disease resembling inclusion body disease of boid snakes in captive palm vipers (Bothriechis marchi).LinkIT
Raymond JT, Garner MM, Nordhausen RW, Jacobson ER
Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc, 2001

33.  A new species of arboreal pitviper from the Atlantic versant of northern Central America.LinkIT
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34.  Neutralization of crotaline snake venoms from Central and South America by antivenoms produced in Brazil and Costa Rica.LinkIT
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35.  Snakebites and ethnobotany in the northwest region of Colombia: Part I: traditional use of plants.LinkIT
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36.  Isolation and characterization of a myotoxic phospholipase A2 from the venom of the arboreal snake Bothriechis (Bothrops) schlegelii from Costa Rica.LinkIT
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37.  Biochemical and biological characterization of Ecuadorian pitviper venoms (genera Bothriechis, Bothriopsis, Bothrops and Lachesis).LinkIT
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