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   Asparagopsis hamifera (hooked weed) 
   Bonnemaisonia hamifera 

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Common Names: カギノリ, hooked weed

1.  Divergent ecological strategies determine different impacts on community production by two successful non-native seaweeds.LinkIT
Sagerman J, Enge S, Pavia H, Wikström SA
Oecologia, 2014

2.  Nuclear DNA content variation in life history phases of the Bonnemasoniaceae (Rhodophyta).LinkIT
Salvador Soler N, Gómez Garreta A, Ribera Siguan MA, Kapraun DF
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3.  Costs and benefits of chemical defence in the Red Alga Bonnemaisonia hamifera.LinkIT
Nylund GM, Enge S, Pavia H
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4.  An ethanol extract derived from Bonnemaisonia hamifera scavenges ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation-induced reactive oxygen species and attenuates UVB-induced cell damage in human keratinocytes.LinkIT
Piao MJ, Hyun YJ, Cho SJ, Kang HK, Yoo ES, Koh YS, Lee NH, Ko MH, Hyun JW
Marine drugs, 2012

5.  An exotic chemical weapon explains low herbivore damage in an invasive alga.LinkIT
Enge S, Nylund GM, Harder T, Pavia H
Ecology, 2012

6.  Chemical images of marine bio-active compounds by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and transposed orthogonal partial least squares (T-OPLS).LinkIT
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7.  Ecological role of a seaweed secondary metabolite for a colonizing bacterial community.LinkIT
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10.  Halohydrocarbon synthesis by bromoperoxidase.LinkIT
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