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   Bollmania litura 
   Bollmannia litura 

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1.  Indoxacarb-Loaded Anionic Polyurethane Blend with Sodium Alginate Improves pH Sensitivity and Ecological Security for Potential Application in Agriculture.LinkIT
Wang S, Zhang Y, Yang L, Zhu Q, Ma Q, Wang R, Zhang C, Zhang Z
Polymers, 2020

2.  Novel formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki: an eco-friendly approach for management of lepidopteran pests.LinkIT
Vimala Devi PS, Duraimurugan P, Poorna Chandrika KSV, Vineela V, Hari PP
World journal of microbiology & biotechnology, 2020

3.  Soy and Arabidopsis receptor-like kinases respond to polysaccharide signals from Spodoptera species and mediate herbivore resistance.LinkIT
Uemura T, Hachisu M, Desaki Y, Ito A, Hoshino R, Sano Y, Nozawa A, Mujiono K, Galis I, Yoshida A, Nemoto K, Miura S, Nishiyama M, Nishiyama C, Horito S, Sawasaki T, Arimura GI
Communications biology, 2020

4.  Distinct defensive activity of phenolics and phenylpropanoid pathway genes in different cotton varieties toward chewing pests.LinkIT
Dixit G, Srivastava A, Rai KM, Dubey RS, Srivastava R, Verma PC
Plant signaling & behavior, 2020

5.  Interaction of thiamethoxam with DNA: Hazardous effect on biochemical and biological parameters of the exposed organism.LinkIT
Jameel M, Jamal K, Alam MF, Ameen F, Younus H, Siddique HR
Chemosphere, 2020

6.  Oligomer Formation and Insecticidal Activity of Bacillus thuringiensis Vip3Aa Toxin.LinkIT
Shao E, Zhang A, Yan Y, Wang Y, Jia X, Sha L, Guan X, Wang P, Huang Z
Toxins, 2020

7.  Chromosome-level genome assembly of an important pine defoliator, Dendrolimus punctatus (Lepidoptera; Lasiocampidae).LinkIT
Zhang S, Shen S, Peng J, Zhou X, Kong X, Ren P, Liu F, Han L, Zhan S, Huang Y, Zhang AB, Zhang Z
Molecular ecology resources, 2020

8.  Comparative Analysis of Chitin SynthaseA dsRNA Mediated RNA Interference for Management of Crop Pests of Different Families of Lepidoptera.LinkIT
Rana S, Rajurkar AB, Kumar KK, Mohankumar S
Frontiers in plant science, 2020

9.  Identification and Functional Analysis of Two Chitin Synthase Genes in the Common Cutworm, Spodoptera litura.LinkIT
Yu HZ, Li NY, Xie YX, Zhang Q, Wang Y, Lu ZJ
Insects, 2020

10.  Silencing JA hydroxylases in Nicotiana attenuata enhances jasmonic acid-isoleucine-mediated defenses against Spodoptera litura.LinkIT
Tang J, Yang D, Wu J, Chen S, Wang L
Plant diversity, 2020