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Broader Terms:
   Albuneidae (mole crabs) 
   Tachinidae (Parasite Flies) 

More Specific:
   Blepharipoda brucei 
   Blepharipoda eutachinoides 
   Blepharipoda mexicana 
   Blepharipoda occidentalis (spiny mole crab) 
   Blepharipoda pilitarsis 
   Blepharipoda schineri 
   Blepharipoda spinosa 
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External Resources:

1.  Burrowing abilities and swash behavior of three crabs, Emerita analoga Stimpson, Blepharipoda occidentalis Randall, and Lepidopa californica Efford (Anomura, Hippoidea), of exposed sandy beaches.LinkIT
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Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology, 2000

2.  Digging in sand crabs: coordination of joints in individual legs.LinkIT
Faulkes Z, Paul DH
The Journal of experimental biology, 1998

3.  A map of distal leg motor neurons in the thoracic ganglia of four decapod crustacean species.LinkIT
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Brain, behavior and evolution, 1997

4.  Digging in sand crabs (Decapoda, Anomura, Hippoidea): interleg coordinationLinkIT
Faulkes Z, Paul D
The Journal of experimental biology, 1997

5.  Replacement of an inherited stretch receptor by a newly evolved stretch receptor in hippid sand crabs.LinkIT
Paul DH, Wilson LJ
The Journal of comparative neurology, 1994