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   Belostomatidae (giant water bugs) 

Broader Terms:
   Belostomatidae (giant water bugs) 
   Hemiptera (Bugs) 
   Heteroptera (true bugs) 
   Nepomorpha (aquatic bugs) 

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Lethocerus americanus

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Common Names: electric light bugs, giant water bugs

1.  "Fearing the enemy": Growth and stress biomarker responses of sexually reversed Oreochromis niloticus in the presence of aquatic predatory insects.LinkIT
Cruz FM, Carneiro CLS, Oliveira JM, Valbon WR, Lima GDA, Freitas MB, Oliveira EE, Salaro AL
Physiology & behavior, 2020

2.  Rediscovery of the holotype of Horvathinia lenti De Carlo, 1958, new junior synonym of H. pelocoroides Montadon, 1911 (Insecta: Hemiptera: Belostomatidae).LinkIT
Rodrigues CL, Braga RB, Moreira FFF
Zootaxa, 2020

3.  New data on karyotype, spermatogenesis and ovarian trophocyte ploidy in three aquatic bug species of the families Naucoridae, Notonectidae, and Belostomatidae (Nepomorpha, Heteroptera).LinkIT
Stoianova D, Simov N, Vu MQ, Nguyen DM, Grozeva S
Comparative cytogenetics, 2020

4.  Life History Traits and Predatory Performance of Belostoma anurum (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae), a Biological Control Agent of Disease Vector Mosquitoes.LinkIT
Valbon WR, Haddi K, Gutiérrez Y, Cruz FM, Azevedo KEX, Perez Campos JS, Salaro AL, Oliveira EE
Neotropical entomology, 2019

5.  Coevolution between male and female genitalia in Belostoma angustum Lauck, 1964 (Insecta, Heteroptera, Belostomatidae): disentangling size and shape.LinkIT
Ribeiro JRI, Stefanello F, Bugs C, Stenert C, Maltchik L, Guilbert E
Zoology (Jena, Germany), 2019

6.  "Armed to the teeth": The multiple ways to survive insecticidal and predatory challenges in Aedes aegypti larvae.LinkIT
Valbon WR, Haddi K, Souza RA, Carvalho GA, Guedes RNC, Martins GF, Oliveira EE
Pesticide biochemistry and physiology, 2019

7.  Recent changes in reproductive phenology of a K-selected aquatic insect predator, Belostoma flumineum Say (Heteroptera, Belostomatidae).LinkIT
Kight SL, Coffey GL, Tanner AW, Dmytriw MP, Tedesco SL, Hoang J, Aboagye AK
Bulletin of entomological research, 2019

8.  A comparison of water quality and macroinvertebrate community structure in endorheic depression wetlands and a salt pan in the Gauteng province, South Africa.LinkIT
Burger M, van Vuren JHJ, de Wet L, Nel A
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2018

9.  Modelling the spatial distribution of aquatic insects (Order Hemiptera) potentially involved in the transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans in Africa.LinkIT
Cano J, Rodríguez A, Simpson H, Tabah EN, Gómez JF, Pullan RL
Parasites & vectors, 2018

10.  Harvesting Venom Toxins from Assassin Bugs and Other Heteropteran Insects.LinkIT
Walker AA, Rosenthal M, Undheim EEA, King GF
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, 2018