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   Belone belone (Sea needle) 
   Belone belone belone (Garpike) 
   Esox belone 

Broader Terms:
   Belone belone (Gar-fish) 
   Belonidae (needlefishes) 
   Beloniformes (needlefishes) 
   Esox (pikes) 
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Belone belone
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Common Names: Orphie, Alpabarda, greenbone, Agulha, Garpike, Agujo, Aguïo, Anguillo, Geep, garfish, An chorr uaine, Sargan, Aiguille de mer, Corsito, Gar-fish, Aguia, Aguja, Aiguillette, Zargana, Grünknochen, Ahulla, Gemeiner hornhecht, Belona pospolita, Geirsili, Agulio ....

1.  Emergence and Transmission of Drug-/Multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium leprae in a Former Leprosy Colony in the Brazilian Amazon.LinkIT
Rosa PS, D'Espindula HRS, Melo ACL, Fontes ANB, Finardi AJ, Belone AFF, Sartori BGC, Pires CAA, Soares CT, Marques FB, Branco FJD, Baptista IMFD, Trino LM, Fachin LRV, Xavier MB, Floriano MC, Ura S, Di├│rio SM, Delanina WFB, Moraes MO, Virmond MCL, Suffys PN, Mira MT
Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 2020

2.  Trace elements levels in muscle and liver of a rarely investigated large pelagic fish: The Mediterranean spearfish Tetrapturus belone (Rafinesque, 1810).LinkIT
Ancora S, Mariotti G, Ponchia R, Fossi MC, Leonzio C, Bianchi N
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

3.  The helminthofauna of the garfish Belone belone (Linnaeus, 1760) from the southern Baltic Sea, including new data.LinkIT
Rolbiecki L, Izdebska JN, Dzido J
Annals of parasitology, 2020

4.  Preventing Substance Use Among Indigenous Adolescents in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: a Systematic Review of the Literature.LinkIT
Snijder M, Stapinski L, Lees B, Ward J, Conrod P, Mushquash C, Belone L, Champion K, Chapman C, Teesson M, Newton N
Prevention science : the official journal of the Society for Prevention Research, 2020

5.  PelagiCam: a novel underwater imaging system with computer vision for semi-automated monitoring of mobile marine fauna at offshore structures.LinkIT
Sheehan EV, Bridger D, Nancollas SJ, Pittman SJ
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2019

6.  Power Dynamics in Community-Based Participatory Research: A Multiple-Case Study Analysis of Partnering Contexts, Histories, and Practices.LinkIT
Wallerstein N, Muhammad M, Sanchez-Youngman S, Rodriguez Espinosa P, Avila M, Baker EA, Barnett S, Belone L, Golub M, Lucero J, Mahdi I, Noyes E, Nguyen T, Roubideaux Y, Sigo R, Duran B
Health education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education, 2019

7.  Culture-centeredness in community-based participatory research: contributions to health education intervention research.LinkIT
Wallerstein N, Oetzel JG, Duran B, Magarati M, Pearson C, Belone L, Davis J, DeWindt L, Kastelic S, Lucero J, Ruddock C, Sutter E, Dutta MJ
Health education research, 2019

8.  Underlying mechanisms of leprosy recurrence in the Western Amazon: a retrospective cohort study.LinkIT
Gon├žalves FG, Belone AFF, Rosa PS, Laporta GZ
BMC infectious diseases, 2019

9.  Toward Health Equity: A National Study of Promising Practices in Community-Based Participatory Research.LinkIT
Duran B, Oetzel J, Magarati M, Parker M, Zhou C, Roubideaux Y, Muhammad M, Pearson C, Belone L, Kastelic SH, Wallerstein N
Progress in community health partnerships : research, education, and action, 2019

10.  Polymorphisms in the TGFB1 and IL2RA genes are associated with clinical forms of leprosy in Brazilian population.LinkIT
Camargo RM, Silva WLD, Medeiros P, Belone AFF, Latini ACP
Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 2018