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   Bauhinia forficata (Brazilian Orchid-Tree) 

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   Bauhinia forficata forficata 
   Bauhinia forficata longiflora 
   Bauhinia forficata pruinosa (Pezu¤a de Vaca) 
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Common Names: Brazilian Orchid-Tree, cow's-foot

11.  Treatment of dental biofilm with a tincture of Bauhinia forficata leaves: an ex-vivo study.LinkIT
Ferreira-Filho JCC, Marre ATO, Almeida JSS, Lobo LA, Farah A, Valença AMG, Fonseca-Gonçalves A
Natural product research, 2019

12.  Analysis of flavonoid glycosides with potential medicinal properties on Bauhinia uruguayensis and Bauhinia forficata subspecies pruinosa.LinkIT
Santos M, Fortunato RH, Spotorno VG
Natural product research, 2019

13.  Heterologous expression and characterization of a new galactose-binding lectin from Bauhinia forficata with antiproliferative activity.LinkIT
da Silva Pinto L, Cardoso G, Kremer FS, Dos Santos Woloski RD, Dellagostin OA, Campos VF
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2019

14.  Development of Caco-2 cells-based gene reporter assays and evaluation of herb-drug interactions involving CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 gene expression.LinkIT
Feltrin C, Brambila PF, Simões CMO
Chemico-biological interactions, 2019

15.  Alcohol extract of Bauhinia forficata link reduces lipid peroxidation in the testis and epididymis of adult Wistar rats.LinkIT
Sampaio CF, Lucchetta NR, Punhagui APF, Banedetti PR, Arakawa NS, Seiva FRF, Fernandes GSA
Microscopy research and technique, 2019

16.  Effects of Bauhinia forficata on glycaemia, lipid profile, hepatic glycogen content and oxidative stress in rats exposed to Bisphenol A.LinkIT
Pinafo MS, Benedetti PR, Gaiotte LB, Costa FG, Schoffen JPF, Fernandes GSA, Chuffa LGA, Seiva FRF
Toxicology reports, 2019

17.  Effects of Bauhinia forficata Link Tea on Lipid Profile in Diabetic Patients.LinkIT
Córdova Mariángel P, Avello Lorca M, Morales Leon F, Fernández Rocca P, Villa Zapata L, Pastene Navarrete E
Journal of medicinal food, 2019

18.  Flavonoid-rich fraction of Bauhinia forficata Link leaves prevents the intestinal toxic effects of irinotecan chemotherapy in IEC-6 cells and in mice.LinkIT
Cechinel-Zanchett CC, Boeing T, Somensi LB, Steimbach VMB, Campos A, Krueger CMA, Schultz C, Sant'ana DMG, Cechinel-Filho V, Mota da Silva L, Faloni de Andrade S
Phytotherapy research : PTR, 2019

19.  Antioxidant and anti-glycation capacities of some medicinal plants and their potential inhibitory against digestive enzymes related to type 2 diabetes mellitus.LinkIT
Franco RR, da Silva Carvalho D, de Moura FBR, Justino AB, Silva HCG, Peixoto LG, Espindola FS
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2018

20.  Bauhinia forficata in the treatment of diabetes mellitus: a patent review.LinkIT
de Souza BVC, Moreira Araújo RSDR, Silva OA, Faustino LC, Gonçalves MFB, Dos Santos ML, Souza GR, Rocha LM, Cardoso MLS, Nunes LCC
Expert opinion on therapeutic patents, 2018