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   Caffrogobius nudiceps (Barehead goby) 

   Caffrogobius caffer (Banded goby) 
   Caffrogobius gilchristi (Prison goby) 
   Caffrogobius natalensis (baldy) 
   Caffrogobius nudiceps (Barehead goby) 
   Gobius nudiceps (Barehead goby) 

Broader Terms:
   Gobius (gobies) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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81.  Risk for Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) and human health related to the heavy metal levels in fish from the Pearl River Estuary, China.LinkIT
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82.  Vision in the snapping shrimp Alpheus heterochaelis.LinkIT
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83.  Hormonal regulation of thirst in the amphibious ray-finned fish suggests the requirement for terrestrialization during evolution.LinkIT
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84.  Ecological differences in the facultative Caribbean cleaning goby Elacatinus prochilos do not predict learning performance in discriminatory two-choice tasks.LinkIT
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Animal cognition, 2019

85.  Behavioural mechanisms underlying parasite-mediated competition for refuges in a coral reef fish.LinkIT
Forrester GE, Chille E, Nickles K, Reed K
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86.  Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome of Rhinogobius sp. (Perciformes, Gobiidae).LinkIT
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87.  Understanding resource driven female-female competition: ovary and liver size in sand gobies.LinkIT
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88.  A slender symbiotic goby hiding in burrows of mud shrimp Austinogebia edulis in western Taiwan.LinkIT
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89.  Male and female preferences for nest characteristics under paternal care.LinkIT
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90.  Prostaglandin affects in vitro ovulation and 17?, 20?-Dihydroxy- 4-pregnen-3-one production in longchin goby, Chasmichthys dolichognathus oocytes.LinkIT
Baek HJ, Lee DS
Development & reproduction, 2019