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   Rhodophyta (red algae) 

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1.  The complete mitochondrial genome of Pyropia pulchra (Bangiophyceae, Rhodophyta).LinkIT
Park SI, Lee J
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2020

2.  Putative trehalose biosynthesis proteins function as differential floridoside-6-phosphate synthases to participate in the abiotic stress response in the red alga Pyropia haitanensis.LinkIT
Sun M, Zhu Z, Chen J, Yang R, Luo Q, Wu W, Yan X, Chen H
BMC plant biology, 2019

3.  Phylogenomics Provides New Insights into Gains and Losses of Selenoproteins among Archaeplastida.LinkIT
Liang H, Wei T, Xu Y, Li L, Kumar Sahu S, Wang H, Li H, Fu X, Zhang G, Melkonian M, Liu X, Wang S, Liu H
International journal of molecular sciences, 2019

4.  Insights into the red algae and eukaryotic evolution from the genome of Porphyra umbilicalis (Bangiophyceae, Rhodophyta).LinkIT
Brawley SH, Blouin NA, Ficko-Blean E, Wheeler GL, Lohr M, Goodson HV, Jenkins JW, Blaby-Haas CE, Helliwell KE, Chan CX, Marriage TN, Bhattacharya D, Klein AS, Badis Y, Brodie J, Cao Y, Collén J, Dittami SM, Gachon CMM, Green BR, Karpowicz SJ, Kim JW, Kudahl UJ, Lin S, Michel G, Mittag M, Olson BJSC, Pangilinan JL, Peng Y, Qiu H, Shu S, Singer JT, Smith AG, Sprecher BN, Wagner V, Wang W, Wang ZY, Yan J, Yarish C, Zäuner-Riek S, Zhuang Y, Zou Y, Lindquist EA, Grimwood J, Barry KW, Rokhsar DS, Schmutz J, Stiller JW, Grossman AR, Prochnik SE
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017

5.  Complete chloroplast genome of Gracilaria firma (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta), with discussion on the use of chloroplast phylogenomics in the subclass Rhodymeniophycidae.LinkIT
Ng PK, Lin SM, Lim PE, Liu LC, Chen CM, Pai TW
BMC genomics, 2017

6.  Red Algal Phylogenomics Provides a Robust Framework for Inferring Evolution of Key Metabolic Pathways.LinkIT
Qiu H, Yoon HS, Bhattacharya D
PLoS currents, 2016

7.  Carotenogenesis diversification in phylogenetic lineages of Rhodophyta.LinkIT
Takaichi S, Yokoyama A, Mochimaru M, Uchida H, Murakami A
Journal of phycology, 2016

8.  Highly Conserved Mitochondrial Genomes among Multicellular Red Algae of the Florideophyceae.LinkIT
Yang EC, Kim KM, Kim SY, Lee J, Boo GH, Lee JH, Nelson WA, Yi G, Schmidt WE, Fredericq S, Boo SM, Bhattacharya D, Yoon HS
Genome biology and evolution, 2015

9.  The mitochondrial genome of the red alga Kappaphycus striatus ("Green Sacol" variety): complete nucleotide sequence, genome structure and organization, and comparative analysis.LinkIT
Tablizo FA, Lluisma AO
Marine genomics, 2014

10.  The plastid genome of the red macroalga Grateloupia taiwanensis (Halymeniaceae).LinkIT
DePriest MS, Bhattacharya D, López-Bautista JM
PloS one, 2013