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   Alectis ciliaris (Bambo) 

   Alectes ciliaris 
   Alectis cilaris 
   Alectis ciliaris (Cuban jack) 
   Alectis cilliaris 
   Alectis indica (diamond trevally) 
   Alectis indicus (Indian threadfish) 
   Fistularia comerson 
   Fistularia commersoni 
   Fistularia commersonii (Guvian) 
   Fistularia patimba 
   Fistularia petimba (Red cornet fish) 
   Scyris indicus 
   Synodus synodus (Lizardfish) 
   Zeus ciliaris 

Broader Terms:
   Alectis (threadfishes) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 

Zeus ciliaris
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1.  Use of the new MultiColour SPECTRALIS® software for identifying retinal nerve fibre layer defects.LinkIT
Fuentemilla E, Bambo MP, Cameo B, Ferrandez B, Güerri N, Pablo LE
Archivos de la Sociedad Espanola de Oftalmologia, 2021

2.  High Frequency of Cryptosporidium hominis Infecting Infants Points to A Potential Anthroponotic Transmission in Maputo, Mozambique.LinkIT
Cossa-Moiane I, Cossa H, Bauhofer AFL, Chilaúle J, Guimarães EL, Bero DM, Cassocera M, Bambo M, Anapakala E, Chissaque A, Sambo J, Langa JS, Manhique-Coutinho LV, Fantinatti M, Lopes-Oliveira LA, Da-Cruz AM, de Deus N
Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

3.  Post-malarial anemia in Mozambican children treated with quinine or artesunate: A retrospective observational study.LinkIT
Varo R, Quintó L, Sitoe A, Madrid L, Acácio S, Vitorino P, Valente AM, Mayor A, Camprubí D, Muñoz J, Bambo G, Macete E, Menéndez C, Alonso PL, Aide P, Bassat Q
International journal of infectious diseases : IJID : official publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases, 2020

4.  Diagnostic capability of a linear discriminant function applied to a novel Spectralis OCT glaucoma-detection protocol.LinkIT
Bambo MP, Fuentemilla E, Cameo B, Fuertes I, Ferrandez B, Güerri N, Polo V, Larrosa JM, Pablo LE, Garcia-Martin E
BMC ophthalmology, 2020

5.  Changes in peripapillary choroidal thickness in patients with multiple sclerosis.LinkIT
Garcia-Martin E, Jarauta L, Pablo LE, Bambo MP, Ara JR, Martin J, Polo V, Larrosa JM, Vilades E, Ramirez T, Satue M
Acta ophthalmologica, 2019

6.  Early impact of rotavirus vaccination in children less than five years of age in Mozambique.LinkIT
de Deus N, Chilaúle JJ, Cassocera M, Bambo M, Langa JS, Sitoe E, Chissaque A, Anapakala E, Sambo J, Guimarães EL, Bero DM, João ED, Cossa-Moiane I, Mwenda JM, Weldegebriel GG, Parashar UD, Tate JE
Vaccine, 2018

7.  Planning and implementation of a countrywide campaign to deliver over 16 million long-lasting insecticidal nets in Mozambique.LinkIT
Arroz JAH, Candrinho B, Pedro S, Mathe G, da Silva M, Tsabete S, Ismael L, Juleca I, Chande M, Bambo F, Munguande O, Julane S, Mussambala F, Alfai E, Muianga O, Matsimbe H, Varela P, Latif C, Mendis C, Lopez M, Karapetyan G, Erskine M
Malaria journal, 2018

8.  Use of 3D printed model as an aid in surgical removal of a rare occurrence of a compound odontome in the anterior mandible associated with impacted teeth.LinkIT
De Souza N, Kamat S, Chalakkal P, Khandeparker RV
Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry, 2018

9.  Diagnostic ability of inner macular layers to discriminate early glaucomatous eyes using vertical and horizontal B-scan posterior pole protocols.LinkIT
Bambo MP, Cameo B, Hernandez R, Fuentemilla E, Güerri N, Ferrandez B, Polo V, Larrosa JM, Pablo LE, Garcia-Martin E
PloS one, 2018

10.  New Normative Database of Inner Macular Layer Thickness Measured by Spectralis OCT Used as Reference Standard for Glaucoma Detection.LinkIT
Nieves-Moreno M, Martínez-de-la-Casa JM, Bambo MP, Morales-Fernández L, Van Keer K, Vandewalle E, Stalmans I, García-Feijoó J
Translational vision science & technology, 2018