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   Epinephelus goreensis (Badejo branco) 

   Mycteroperca microlepis (Gag) 
   Trisotropis microlepis 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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71.  Leaf emergences in Microlepis oleaefolia (DC.) Triana (Melastomataceae) and their probable function: an anatomical and ultrastructural study.LinkIT
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75.  Inheritance pattern of lateral dimorphism in two cichlids (a scale eater, Perissodus microlepis, and an herbivore, Neolamprologus moorii) in Lake Tanganyika.LinkIT
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76.  Effect of isopod parasite, Cymothoa indica on gobiid fish, Oxyurichthys microlepis from Parangipettai coastal waters (South-east coast of India).LinkIT
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80.  A new record of Clinostomum philippinensis (Valasquez, 1959) in Trichogaster microlepis (Gunther, 1861) from Bung Borapet, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.LinkIT
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