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   Epinephelus goreensis (Badejo branco) 

   Mycteroperca microlepis (Grouper) 
   Trisotropis microlepis 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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41.  The complete mitochondrial genome of Saurida microlepis (Aulopiformes: Synodontidae).LinkIT
Wang Y, Song N, Sun D, Gao T
Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 2016

42.  Complete mitochondrial genome of the smallscale yellowfin, Plagiognathops microlepis (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae).LinkIT
Hu YX, Zhou Q, Song Y, Chen DQ, Li Y
Mitochondrial DNA, 2015

43.  Effects of hypoxia on ionic regulation, glycogen utilization and antioxidative ability in the gills and liver of the aquatic air-breathing fish Trichogaster microlepis.LinkIT
Huang CY, Lin HC, Lin CH
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44.  Measuring and evaluating morphological asymmetry in fish: distinct lateral dimorphism in the jaws of scale-eating cichlids.LinkIT
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Ecology and evolution, 2013

45.  Ultrastructural description of Ceratomyxa microlepis sp. nov. (phylum Myxozoa): a parasite infecting the gall bladder of Hemiodus microlepis, a freshwater teleost from the Amazon River.LinkIT
Azevedo C, Rocha S, Casal G, São Clemente SC, Matos P, Al-Quraishy S, Matos E
Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 2013

46.  Mouth asymmetry in the textbook example of scale-eating cichlid fish is not a discrete dimorphism after all.LinkIT
Kusche H, Lee HJ, Meyer A
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47.  Ancyrocephalidae (Monogenea) of Lake Tanganyika: III: Cichlidogyrus infecting the world's biggest cichlid and the non-endemic tribes Haplochromini, Oreochromini and Tylochromini (Teleostei, Cichlidae).LinkIT
Muterezi Bukinga F, Vanhove MP, Van Steenberge M, Pariselle A
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48.  First record of Caligus mutabilis (Copepoda: Caligidae), in sea-farmed Mycteroperca microlepis (Perciformes: Serranidae) in Brazil.LinkIT
Sanches EG, Kerber CE, Paschoal F, Luque JL
Revista brasileira de parasitologia veterinaria = Brazilian journal of veterinary parasitology : Orgao Oficial do Colegio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinaria, 2013

49.  [Structure and function of Fenshuijiang Reservoir ecosystem based on the analysis with Ecopath model].LinkIT
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50.  Handed foraging behavior in scale-eating cichlid fish: its potential role in shaping morphological asymmetry.LinkIT
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