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   Bacteria regnum 

Broader Terms:
   Monera (monerans) 

More Specific:
   Chlorobi (Green sulfur bacteria) 
   Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) 
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Common Names: Bacteria, bactéries

41.  Enzymatic properties and physiological function of glutamate racemase from Thermus thermophilus.LinkIT
Miyamoto T, Moriya T, Homma H, Oshima T
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Proteins and proteomics, 2020

42.  In-situ monitoring of the unstable bacterial adhesion process during wastewater biofilm formation: A comprehensive study.LinkIT
Wang J, Liu Q, Dong D, Hu H, Wu B, Ren H
Environment international, 2020

43.  Dynamics of class 1 integrons in aerobic biofilm reactors spiked with antibiotics.LinkIT
Huyan J, Tian Z, Zhang Y, Zhang H, Shi Y, Gillings MR, Yang M
Environment international, 2020

44.  SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: A genetic, epidemiological, and evolutionary perspective.LinkIT
Sironi M, Hasnain SE, Phan T, Luciani F, Shaw MA, Sallum MA, Mirhashemi ME, Morand S, González-Candelas F,
Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases, 2020

45.  Antimicrobial, anticancer and antioxidant activities of nano-heart of Phoenix dactylifera tree extract loaded chitosan nanoparticles: In vitro and in vivo study.LinkIT
Sahyon HA, Al-Harbi SA
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2020

46.  Fabrication of cellulose-based adhesive composite as an active packaging material to extend the shelf life of cheese.LinkIT
Al-Moghazy M, Mahmoud M, Nada AA
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2020

47.  Reverse engineering of fatty acid-tolerant Escherichia coli identifies design strategies for robust microbial cell factories.LinkIT
Chen Y, Boggess EE, Ocasio ER, Warner A, Kerns L, Drapal V, Gossling C, Ross W, Gourse RL, Shao Z, Dickerson J, Mansell TJ, Jarboe LR
Metabolic engineering, 2020

48.  Fungal Pathogens: Shape-Shifting Invaders.LinkIT
Min K, Neiman AM, Konopka JB
Trends in microbiology, 2020

49.  Ultrasound stabilization of raw milk: Microbial and enzymatic inactivation, physicochemical properties and kinetic stability.LinkIT
Scudino H, Silva EK, Gomes A, Guimarães JT, Cunha RL, Sant'Ana AS, Meireles MAA, Cruz AG
Ultrasonics sonochemistry, 2020

50.  Identification of biofilm hotspots in a meat processing environment: Detection of spoilage bacteria in multi-species biofilms.LinkIT
Wagner EM, Pracser N, Thalguter S, Fischel K, Rammer N, Pospí?ilová L, Alispahic M, Wagner M, Rychli K
International journal of food microbiology, 2020