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1.  The remediation effects of microbial organic fertilizer on soil microorganisms after chloropicrin fumigation.LinkIT
Pu R, Wang P, Guo L, Li M, Cui X, Wang C, Liu Y, Yang Y
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2022

2.  Cassane diterpenoids from the aerial parts of Caesalpinia pulcherrima and their antibacterial and anti-glioblastoma activity.LinkIT
Chen XM, Lu W, Zhang ZH, Zhang JY, Tuong TML, Liu LL, Kim YH, Li CH, Gao JM
Phytochemistry, 2022

3.  Developing Penicillium digitatum Management Strategies on Post-Harvest Citrus Fruits with Metabolic Components and Colonization of Bacillus subtilis L1-21.LinkIT
Li Y, Xia M, He P, Yang Q, Wu Y, He P, Ahmed A, Li X, Wang Y, Munir S, He Y
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2022

4.  An Integrative Analysis of Transcriptomics and Proteomics Reveals Novel Insights into the Response in the Midgut of Spodoptera frugiperda Larvae to Vip3Aa.LinkIT
Jin M, Shan Y, Peng Y, Wang P, Li Q, Yu S, Zhang L, Xiao Y
Toxins, 2022

5.  Effects of Trichoderma asperellum 6S-2 on Apple Tree Growth and Replanted Soil Microbial Environment.LinkIT
Wang H, Zhang R, Mao Y, Jiang W, Chen X, Shen X, Yin C, Mao Z
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2022

6.  Alteration of a Cry1A Shared Binding Site in a Cry1Ab-Selected Colony of Ostrinia furnacalis.LinkIT
Pinos D, Wang Y, Hernández-Martínez P, He K, Ferré J
Toxins, 2022

7.  Mutation in the Cadherin Gene Is a Key Factor for Pink Bollworm Resistance to Bt Cotton in China.LinkIT
Wang L, Xu D, Huang Y, Zhou H, Liu W, Cong S, Wang J, Li W, Wan P
Toxins, 2022

8.  Degradation of lignin by Bacillus altitudinis SL7 isolated from pulp and paper mill effluent.LinkIT
Khan SI, Zarin A, Ahmed S, Hasan F, Belduz AO, Çanakçi S, Khan S, Badshah M, Farman M, Shah AA
Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research, 2022

9.  Effects of zinc and Bacillus subtilis on the reproductive performance, egg quality, nutrient digestion, intestinal morphology, and serum antioxidant capacity of geese breeders.LinkIT
Fan W, Shi J, Wang B, Zhang M, Kong M, Li W
Poultry science, 2021

10.  Acute Liver Failure after Ingestion of Fried Rice Balls: A Case Series of Bacillus cereus Food Poisonings.LinkIT
Schreiber N, Hackl G, Reisinger AC, Zollner-Schwetz I, Eller K, Schlagenhaufen C, Pietzka A, Czerwenka C, Stark TD, Kranzler M, Fickert P, Eller P, Ehling-Schulz M
Toxins, 2021