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21.  Potato tillage method is associated with soil microbial communities, soil chemical properties, and potato yield.LinkIT
Ma H, Xie C, Zheng S, Li P, Cheema HN, Gong J, Xiang Z, Liu J, Qin J
Journal of microbiology (Seoul, Korea), 2022

22.  Heterologous expression of 4?-glucanotransferase: overproduction and properties for industrial applications.LinkIT
Nakapong S, Tumhom S, Kaulpiboon J, Pongsawasdi P
World journal of microbiology & biotechnology, 2022

23.  Antimicrobial, antioxidant and antileishmanial activities of Ziziphus lotus leaves.LinkIT
Hammi KM, Essid R, Khadraoui N, Ksouri R, Majdoub H, Tabbene O
Archives of microbiology, 2022

24.  Uncommon pathogens in an immunocompetent host: respiratory isolation of Cunninghamella bertholletiae, Aspergillus niger, Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and adenovirus in a patient with necrotising pneumonia.LinkIT
Olivo Freites C, Sy H, Miguez P, Salonia J
BMJ case reports, 2022

25.  Alterations in intestinal microbiota composition coincide with impaired intestinal morphology and dysfunctional ileal immune response in growing-finishing pigs under constant chronic heat stress.LinkIT
Xiong Y, Cao S, Xiao H, Wu Q, Yi H, Jiang Z, Wang L
Journal of animal science and biotechnology, 2022

26.  Paenibacillus arenosi sp. nov., a siderophore-producing bacterium isolated from coastal sediment.LinkIT
Baek J, Weerawongwiwat V, Kim JH, Yoon JH, Lee JS, Sukhoom A, Kim W
Archives of microbiology, 2022

27.  Nasopharyngeal colonisation dynamics of bacterial pathogens in patients with fever in rural Burkina Faso: an observational study.LinkIT
Martens L, Kaboré B, Post A, van der Gaast-de Jongh CE, Langereis JD, Tinto H, Jacobs J, van der Ven AJ, de Mast Q, de Jonge MI
BMC infectious diseases, 2022

28.  Discovery of a novel antibacterial protein CB6-C to target methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.LinkIT
Zhang H, Chen J, Liu Y, Xu Q, Inam M, He C, Jiang X, Jia Y, Ma H, Kong L
Microbial cell factories, 2022

29.  Accelerative Effect of Cinnamon Nanoparticles as well as HAMLET on Healing of Wounds Infected with MRSA in Diabetic Rats.LinkIT
Ali R, Alireza N, Reza FM, Rahim M
BioMed research international, 2021

30.  [Construction and immobilization of recombinant Bacillus subtilis with D-allulose 3-epimerase].LinkIT
Wei Y, Zhang X, Hu M, Shao Y, Pan S, Fujita M, Rao Z
Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao = Chinese journal of biotechnology, 2021