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   Acamptopappus (goldenhead) 
   Acanthospermum (starburr) 
   Achillea (yarrow) 
   Achyrachaena (blow wives) 
   Acmella (spotflower) 
   Acourtia (desertpeony) 
   Acroptilon (hardheads) 
   Adenocaulon (trailplant) 
   Adenophyllum (dogweed) 
   Adenostemma (medicineplant) 
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Common Names: daisy family, tournesols, aster, sunflowers

1.  Nematicidal activity of aqueous tinctures of plants against larvae of the nematode Strongyloides papillosus.LinkIT
Boyko OO, Brygadyrenko VV
Tropical biomedicine, 2021

2.  Chemical compositions, antimicrobial effects, and cytotoxicity of Asia minor wormwood (Artemisia splendens Willd.) growing in Iran.LinkIT
Heshmati Afshar F, Zadehkamand M, Rezaei Z, Delazar A, Tarhriz V, Asgharian P
BMC chemistry, 2021

3.  Nature of phytotoxic interference of alien weed 'Calyptocarpus vialis' against some crop plants.LinkIT
Lal R, Kaur A, Kaur S, Batish DR, Singh HP, Sharma M, Kohli RK
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2021

4.  Chemical constituents from Lactuca plumieri (L.) Gren. & Godr. (Asteraceae).LinkIT
Michalska K, Malarz J, Stojakowska A
Natural product research, 2021

5.  Species conservation profile and amended distribution of Cousinia knorringiae (Asteraceae), a narrow endemic of the Western Tian-Shan.LinkIT
Usmonov M, Tojibaev K, Jang CG, Sennikov AN
Biodiversity data journal, 2021

6.  Comparative analysis of the complete chloroplast genomes of Cirsium japonicum from China and Korea.LinkIT
Tian L, Jiang M, Chen H, Li J, Huang L, Liu C
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

7.  A Comparison Study on Traditional Mixtures of Herbal Teas Used in Eastern Mediterranean Area.LinkIT
Obón C, Rivera D, Fonollá E, Alcaraz F, Attieh L
Frontiers in pharmacology, 2021

8.  Comparative and phylogenetic analysis of the complete chloroplast genome sequences of Lactuca raddeana and Lactuca sativa.LinkIT
Jiang M, Li Y, Chen H, Wang B, Liu C
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

9.  Intraspecific morphological variation of Bellidiastrum michelii (Asteraceae) along a 1,155 m elevation gradient in the Tatra Mountains.LinkIT
Kie?tyk P
PeerJ, 2021

10.  Saussurea talungensis (Asteraceae), a new species from Humla, Nepal Himalayas.LinkIT
Rana HK, Rana SK, Sun H, Fujikawa K, Luo D, Joshi LR, Ghimire SK
PhytoKeys, 2021