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   Juniperus ashei (ashe juniper) 
   Magnolia ashei (ashe magnolia) 

   Atheris desaixi (Ashe's Bush Viper) 

Broader Terms:
   Atheris (Bush Vipers) 

More Specific:
   Ashe calamint 
   Ashe sumac 
   ashe juniper 
   ashe magnolia 
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Magnolia ashei

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1.  Let's do another run.LinkIT
Garvick S
JAAPA : official journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, 2022

2.  Behavioural responses of wild Pacific salmon and herring to boat noise.LinkIT
van der Knaap I, Ashe E, Hannay D, Bergman AG, Nielsen KA, Lo CF, Williams R
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

3.  Effect of Yoga on Health-Related Outcomes in People at Risk of Fractures: A Systematic Review.LinkIT
Kim KV, Bartley J, Ashe MC, Bardai Z, Butt D, Chilibeck PD, Ponzano M, Rodrigues IB, Stapleton J, Thabane L, Wark JD, Giangregorio L
Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliquee, nutrition et metabolisme, 2021

4.  Family Caregivers' Experiences with Tele-Rehabilitation for Older Adults with Hip Fracture.LinkIT
Ariza-Vega P, Prieto-Moreno R, Castillo-Pérez H, Martínez-Ruiz V, Romero-Ayuso D, Ashe MC
Journal of clinical medicine, 2021

5.  Climate change complicates efforts to ensure survival and recovery of St. Lawrence Estuary beluga.LinkIT
Williams R, Lacy RC, Ashe E, Hall A, Plourde S, McQuinn IH, Lesage V
Marine pollution bulletin, 2021

6.  Defining and implementing patient-centered care: An umbrella review.LinkIT
Grover S, Fitzpatrick A, Azim FT, Ariza-Vega P, Bellwood P, Burns J, Burton E, Fleig L, Clemson L, Hoppmann CA, Madden KM, Price M, Langford D, Ashe MC
Patient education and counseling, 2021

7.  Scalable inference of transcriptional kinetic parameters from MS2 time series data.LinkIT
Bowles JR, Hoppe C, Ashe HL, Rattray M
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 2021

8.  Integrated multi-omics reveals common properties underlying stress granule and P-body formation.LinkIT
Kershaw CJ, Nelson MG, Lui J, Bates CP, Jennings MD, Hubbard SJ, Ashe MP, Grant CM
RNA biology, 2021

9.  Active With Whom? Examining the Social Context of Physical Activity in Individuals After Stroke and Their Partners.LinkIT
Pauly T, Ashe MC, Murphy R, Gerstorf D, Linden W, Madden KM, Hoppmann CA
Frontiers in public health, 2021

10.  Destroying and Restoring Critical Habitats of Endangered Killer Whales.LinkIT
Williams R, Ashe E, Broadhurst G, Jasny M, Tuytel D, Venton M, Ragen T
Bioscience, 2021