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   Aronia melanocarpa (black chokeberry) 
   Photinia melanocarpa (black chokeberry) 

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   Aronia (chokeberry) 
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Aronia melanocarpa
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Common Names: rjabina černoplodnaja, tannamu, рябина черноплодная, black chokeberry, svart aronia

81.  The influences of chokeberry extract supplementation on redox status and body composition in handball players during competition phase.LinkIT
Cikiriz N, Milosavljevic I, Jakovljevic B, Bolevich S, Jeremic J, Nikolic Turnic T, Mitrovic M, Srejovic I, Bolevich S, Jakovljevic V
Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology, 2021

82.  The influence of the extrusion process on the nutritional composition, physical properties and storage stability of black chokeberry pomaces.LinkIT
Witczak T, St?pie? A, Gumul D, Witczak M, Fiutak G, Zi?ba T
Food chemistry, 2021

83.  Anticancer Effects of Extracts from Three Different Chokeberry Species.LinkIT
Gill NK, Rios D, Osorio-Camacena E, Mojica BE, Kaur B, Soderstrom MA, Gonzalez M, Plaat B, Poblete C, Kaur N, Singh H, Forester SC
Nutrition and cancer, 2021

84.  Impact of defined thermomechanical treatment on the structure and content of dietary fiber and the stability and bioaccessibility of polyphenols of chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) pomace.LinkIT
Schmid V, Steck J, Mayer-Miebach E, Behsnilian D, Briviba K, Bunzel M, Karbstein HP, Emin MA
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2020

85.  Aronia berry inhibits disruption of Caco-2 intestinal barrier function.LinkIT
Valdez JC, Cho J, Bolling BW
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 2020

86.  Aronia melanocarpa Fruits as a Rich Dietary Source of Chlorogenic Acids and Anthocyanins: 1H-NMR, HPLC-DAD, and Chemometric Studies.LinkIT
Zieli?ska A, Siudem P, Paradowska K, Gralec M, Ka?mierski S, Wawer I
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

87.  Knowledge transmission patterns at the border: ethnobotany of Hutsuls living in the Carpathian Mountains of Bukovina (SW Ukraine and NE Romania).LinkIT
Mattalia G, Stryamets N, Pieroni A, Sõukand R
Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 2020

88.  The polyphenol-rich extract from chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa L.) modulates gut microbiota and improves lipid metabolism in diet-induced obese rats.LinkIT
Zhu Y, Zhang JY, Wei YL, Hao JY, Lei YQ, Zhao WB, Xiao YH, Sun AD
Nutrition & metabolism, 2020

89.  The Effects of Aronia melanocarpa Extract on Testosterone-Induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Rats, and Quantitative Analysis of Major Constituents Depending on Extract Conditions.LinkIT
Kim NH, Jegal J, Kim YN, Heo JD, Rho JR, Yang MH, Jeong EJ
Nutrients, 2020

90.  The Effects of Aronia melanocarpa Juice Consumption on the mRNA Expression Profile in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Subjects at Cardiovascular Risk.LinkIT
Stojkovi? L, Jovanovi? I, Zivkovi? M, Zec M, Djuri? T, Zivoti? I, Kuvelji? J, Kolakovi? A, Koli? I, Djordjevi? A, Glibeti? M, Alavanti? D, Stankovi? A
Nutrients, 2020