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1.  In-silico identification of the vaccine candidate epitopes against the Lassa virus hemorrhagic fever.LinkIT
Baral P, Pavadai E, Gerstman BS, Chapagain PP
Scientific reports, 2020

2.  Human BST-2/tetherin inhibits Junin virus release from host cells and its inhibition is partially counteracted by viral nucleoprotein.LinkIT
Zadeh VR, Urata S, Sakaguchi M, Yasuda J
The Journal of general virology, 2020

3.  Patent landscape of novel technologies for combating category-A Arenavirus infections.LinkIT
Sudhakar H, Bhate J, Patra AK
Expert opinion on therapeutic patents, 2020

4.  Fifty years of Imported Lassa Fever-A Systematic Review of Primary and Secondary cases.LinkIT
Wolf T, Ellwanger R, Goetsch U, Wetzstein N, Gottschalk R
Journal of travel medicine, 2020

5.  A Lassa Virus Live-Attenuated Vaccine Candidate Based on Rearrangement of the Intergenic Region.LinkIT
Cai Y, Iwasaki M, Motooka D, Liu DX, Yu S, Cooper K, Hart R, Adams R, Burdette T, Postnikova EN, Kurtz J, St Claire M, Ye C, Kuhn JH, Martínez-Sobrido L, de la Torre JC
mBio, 2020

6.  A Lassa Fever Live-Attenuated Vaccine Based on Codon Deoptimization of the Viral Glycoprotein Gene.LinkIT
Cai Y, Ye C, Cheng B, Nogales A, Iwasaki M, Yu S, Cooper K, Liu DX, Hart R, Adams R, Brady T, Postnikova EN, Kurtz J, St Claire M, Kuhn JH, de la Torre JC, Martínez-Sobrido L
mBio, 2020

7.  Synanthropic rodents as virus reservoirs and transmitters.LinkIT
Gravinatti ML, Barbosa CM, Soares RM, Gregori F
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, 2020

8.  Immunometabolism of infections.LinkIT
Ayres JS
Nature reviews. Immunology, 2020

9.  Rational design of universal immunotherapy for TfR1-tropic arenaviruses.LinkIT
Cohen-Dvashi H, Amon R, Agans KN, Cross RW, Borenstein-Katz A, Mateo M, Baize S, Padler-Karavani V, Geisbert TW, Diskin R
Nature communications, 2020

10.  Seroprevalence of arenavirus and hantavirus in indigenous populations from the Caribbean, Colombia.LinkIT
Bolaños A, Montoya-Ruiz C, Perez-Peréz JC, Rodas JD, Mattar S
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, 2019