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   Archaea acutiventer 
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   Archaea bourgini 
   Archaea compacta 
   Archaea conica 
   Archaea copalensis 
   Archaea cornuta 
   Archaea cornutus 
   Archaea environmental samples 
   Archaea godfreyi 
   Archaea gracilicollis 
   Archaea hickmani 
   Archaea hickmanni 
   Archaea hyperoptica 
   Archaea incompta 
   Archaea jeanneli 
   Archaea laevigata 
   Archaea legendrei 
   Archaea nodosa 
   Archaea novaeseelandiae 
   Archaea paradoxa 
   Archaea pauliani 
   Archaea ratsirarsoni 
   Archaea sphinx 
   Archaea tsingyensis 
   Archaea vadoni 
   Archaea workmani 
   environmental samples 
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Did you mean: Arca, Arce, Arcesis, Arceus, Archa, Archaeus, Archais, Archaius, Archa, Arcius, Arcus or arka?

Common Names: Arheobakterije, 고세균, Arqueobactérias, Arkea, أوليات, Fornbaktería, Археи, 古细菌, Arkkieliöt, Archeobatteri, Aρχαιοβακτήρια, Archeowce, Archéobactéries, Arqueobacterias, Archaeabakterie, Archeobakterije, Arqueobacteris, 古細菌, Archaeen

1.  Microbiome and ecology of a hot spring-microbialite system on the Trans-Himalayan Plateau.LinkIT
Roy C, Rameez MJ, Haldar PK, Peketi A, Mondal N, Bakshi U, Mapder T, Pyne P, Fernandes S, Bhattacharya S, Roy R, Mandal S, O'Neill WK, Mazumdar A, Mukhopadhyay SK, Mukherjee A, Chakraborty R, Hallsworth JE, Ghosh W
Scientific reports, 2020

2.  Metagenomic views of microbial dynamics influenced by hydrocarbon seepage in sediments of the Gulf of Mexico.LinkIT
Zhao R, Summers ZM, Christman GD, Yoshimura KM, Biddle JF
Scientific reports, 2020

3.  Structure and Function of an Elongation Factor P Subfamily in Actinobacteria.LinkIT
Pinheiro B, Scheidler CM, Kielkowski P, Schmid M, Forné I, Ye S, Reiling N, Takano E, Imhof A, Sieber SA, Schneider S, Jung K
Cell reports, 2020

4.  Citrus Polyamines: Structure, Biosynthesis, and Physiological Functions.LinkIT
Killiny N, Nehela Y
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

5.  Prokaryotic sigma factors and their transcriptional counterparts in Archaea and Eukarya.LinkIT
Abril AG, Rama JLR, Sánchez-Pérez A, Villa TG
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2020

6.  Beyond Just Bacteria: Functional Biomes in the Gut Ecosystem Including Virome, Mycobiome, Archaeome and Helminths.LinkIT
Vemuri R, Shankar EM, Chieppa M, Eri R, Kavanagh K
Microorganisms, 2020

7.  Evolutions of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs), class 1 integron-integrase (intI1) and potential hosts of ARGs during sludge anaerobic digestion with the iron nanoparticles addition.LinkIT
Zhang Y, Yang Z, Xiang Y, Xu R, Zheng Y, Lu Y, Jia M, Sun S, Cao J, Xiong W
The Science of the total environment, 2020

8.  Meta-SourceTracker: application of Bayesian source tracking to shotgun metagenomics.LinkIT
McGhee JJ, Rawson N, Bailey BA, Fernandez-Guerra A, Sisk-Hackworth L, Kelley ST
PeerJ, 2020

9.  Temperature-phased anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and paper waste with and without recirculation: Biogas production and microbial structure.LinkIT
Li L, Kong Z, Qin Y, Wu J, Zhu A, Xiao B, Ni J, Kubota K, Li YY
The Science of the total environment, 2020

10.  Regulobiosis: A regulatory and food system-sensitive role for fungal symbionts in human evolution and ecobiology.LinkIT
Zheng JS, Wahlqvist ML
Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition, 2020