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   Chelon macrolepis (Araby) 

   Chelon macrolepis (bigscale mullet) 
   Crenimugil crenilabis (Mullet) 
   Crenimugil crenilabris 
   Crenimugil heterocheilos (blacktail mullet) 
   Liza macrolepis (Large-scaled mullet) 
   Liza melinoptera (Otomebora mullet) 
   Liza parmata (Large-scaled mullet) 
   Liza subvirdis 
   Liza subviridis (banak) 
   Mugil crenilabis 
   Mugil crenilabis seheli 
   Mugil macrolepis 
   Mugil subviridis 
   Valamugil buchanani (Buchanan's blue-tail mullet) 
   Valamugil seheli (Grey mullet) 

Broader Terms:
   Crenimugil (fringelip mullets) 
   Liza (true lizas) 
   Mugil (gray mullets) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
   Valamugil (bluespot mullets) 

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1.  Adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy controller for nonlinear networked Wiener systems subject to packet dropout and time-varying delay.LinkIT
El-Nagar AM, Khalifa TR, El-Brawany MA, El-Bardini M, El-Araby EAG
ISA transactions, 2021

2.  Genomic features of first bovine astrovirus detected in Egypt.LinkIT
Mansour SMG, Mohamed FF, Abdallah FM, El-Araby IE, Mor SK, Goyal SM
Virusdisease, 2021

3.  Improving the Solubility and Oral Bioavailability of a Novel Aromatic Aldehyde Antisickling Agent (PP10) for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease.LinkIT
Ahmed TA, El-Say KM, Abd-Allah FI, Omar AM, El-Araby ME, Muhammad YA, Pagare PP, Zhang Y, Mohmmad KA, Abdulmalik O, Safo MK
Pharmaceutics, 2021

4.  Thermal conductivity and mechanical performance of hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets-based epoxy adhesives.LinkIT
Wang S, Xue H, Araby S, Demiral M, Han S, Cui C, Zhang R, Meng Q
Nanotechnology, 2021

5.  SOX9 in biliary atresia: New insight for fibrosis progression.LinkIT
El-Araby HA, Saber MA, Radwan NM, Taie DM, Adawy NM, Sira AM
Hepatobiliary & pancreatic diseases international : HBPD INT, 2021

6.  Repurposing of Some Natural Product Isolates as SARS-COV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors via In Vitro Cell Free and Cell-Based Antiviral Assessments and Molecular Modeling Approaches.LinkIT
Abdallah HM, El-Halawany AM, Sirwi A, El-Araby AM, Mohamed GA, Ibrahim SRM, Koshak AE, Asfour HZ, Awan ZA, A Elfaky M
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

7.  Temporal histopathological changes in biliary atresia: A perspective for rapid fibrosis progression.LinkIT
El-Araby HA, Saber MA, Radwan NM, Taie DM, Adawy NM, Sira AM
Annals of hepatology, 2021

8.  Boswellia serrata Resin Extract in Diets of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus: Effects on the Growth, Health, Immune Response, and Disease Resistance to Staphylococcus aureus.LinkIT
Montaser MM, El-Sharnouby ME, El-Noubi G, El-Shaer HM, Khalil AA, Hassanin M, Amer SA, El-Araby DA
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2021

9.  An Investigation of Structure-Activity Relationships of Azolylacryloyl Derivatives Yielded Potent and Long-Acting Hemoglobin Modulators for Reversing Erythrocyte Sickling.LinkIT
Omar AM, Abdulmalik O, Ghatge MS, Muhammad YA, Paredes SD, El-Araby ME, Safo MK
Biomolecules, 2020

10.  Optimizing the Growth, Health, Reproductive Performance, and Gonadal Histology of Broodstock Fantail Goldfish (Carassius auratus, L.) by Dietary Cacao Bean Meal.LinkIT
Al-Khalaifah HS, Amer SA, Al-Sadek DMM, Khalil AA, Zaki EM, El-Araby DA
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2020