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   Arabidopsis qiranica 

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   Arabidopsis (rockcress) 

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1.  Distribution of flagellin CD2-1, flg22, and flgII-28 recognition systems in plant species and regulation of plant immune responses through these recognition systems.LinkIT
Murakami T, Katsuragi Y, Hirai H, Wataya K, Kondo M, Che FS
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 2022

2.  Highly efficient activation of endogenous gene in grape using CRISPR/dCas9-based transcriptional activators.LinkIT
Ren C, Li H, Liu Y, Li S, Liang Z
Horticulture research, 2022

3.  Function and transcriptional regulation of CsKCS20 in the elongation of very-long-chain fatty acids and wax biosynthesis in Citrus sinensis flavedo.LinkIT
Wang Y, Yang X, Chen Z, Zhang J, Si K, Xu R, He Y, Zhu F, Cheng Y
Horticulture research, 2022

4.  microRNA172 targets APETALA2 to regulate flavonoid biosynthesis in apple (Malus domestica).LinkIT
Ding T, Tomes S, Gleave AP, Zhang H, Dare AP, Plunkett B, Espley RV, Luo Z, Zhang R, Allan AC, Zhou Z, Wang H, Wu M, Dong H, Liu C, Liu J, Yan Z, Yao JL
Horticulture research, 2022

5.  Lack of xyloglucan in the cell walls of the Arabidopsis xxt1/xxt2 mutant results in specific increases in homogalacturonan and glucomannan.LinkIT
Sowinski EE, Westman BM, Redmond CR, Kong Y, Olek AT, Olek J, McCann MC, Carpita NC
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, 2022

6.  DENA: training an authentic neural network model using Nanopore sequencing data of Arabidopsis transcripts for detection and quantification of N6-methyladenosine on RNA.LinkIT
Qin H, Ou L, Gao J, Chen L, Wang JW, Hao P, Li X
Genome biology, 2022

7.  A DE1 BINDING FACTOR 1-GLABRA2 module regulates rhamnogalacturonan I biosynthesis in Arabidopsis seed coat mucilage.LinkIT
Xu Y, Wang Y, Du J, Pei S, Guo S, Hao R, Wang D, Zhou G, Li S, O'Neill M, Hu R, Kong Y
The Plant cell, 2022

8.  Root-specific CLE3 expression is required for WRKY33 activation in Arabidopsis shoots.LinkIT
Ma D, Endo S, Betsuyaku E, Fujiwara T, Betsuyaku S, Fukuda H
Plant molecular biology, 2022

9.  Corrigendum to "Enantioselective metabolomic modulations in Arabidopsis thaliana leaf induced by the herbicide dichlorprop" [Sci. Total Environ. 797 (2021) 149015].LinkIT
Zhang Q, Ye Y, Qu Q, Yu Y, Jin M, Lu T, Qian H
The Science of the total environment, 2022

10.  Phospholipase D? and H2S increase the production of NADPH oxidase-dependent H2O2 to respond to osmotic stress-induced stomatal closure in Arabidopsis thaliana.LinkIT
Liu Q, Liu R, Zhou Y, Wang W, Wu G, Yang N
Journal of plant physiology, 2022