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Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 

More Specific:
   Amia (bowfin) 
   Apogon (cardinalfishes) 
   Centropomus (robalos) 
   Foa (Weedy cardinalfish) 
   Gymnopogon (skeletongrass) 
   Mullus (mullets) 
   Perca (yellow perches) 
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Sphaeramia nematoptera
Ivo Antu?ek - BioLib

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Common Names: cardinalfishes, cardenales, poissons-cardinaux, apogonidés, apogonidés

11.  Checklist of the Red Sea Fishes with delineation of the Gulf of Suez, Gulf of Aqaba, endemism and Lessepsian migrants.LinkIT
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12.  Intraspecific morphological and reproductive trait variation in mouth almighty Glossamia aprion (Apogonidae) across different flow environments.LinkIT
Abecia JED, Luiz OJ, King AJ
Journal of fish biology, 2018

13.  Redescription of the Indo-West Pacific cardinalfishes (Perciformes: Apogonidae) Rhabdamia spilota Allen Kuiter 1994 and R. gracilis (Bleeker 1856).LinkIT
Yoshida T, Motomura H
Zootaxa, 2018

14.  Comparative Feeding Ecology of Cardinalfishes (Apogonidae) at Toliara Reef, Madagascar.LinkIT
Frédérich B, Michel LN, Zaeytydt E, Lingofo Bolaya R, Lavitra T, Parmentier E, Lepoint G
Zoological studies, 2017

15.  Patterns of divergence in fish species separated by the Isthmus of Panama.LinkIT
Thacker CE
BMC evolutionary biology, 2017

16.  Scale ontogeny in the cardinalfish family Apogonidae.LinkIT
Gon O
Zootaxa, 2016

17.  The taxonomic status and sister group relationship of the cardinalfish species Jaydia striatodes (Percomorphaceae: Apogonidae).LinkIT
Yu Z, Song N, Han Z, Gao T, Shui B, Gon O
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18.  Homing is not for everyone: displaced cardinalfish find a new place to live.LinkIT
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19.  Whole gut microbiome composition of damselfish and cardinalfish before and after reef settlement.LinkIT
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20.  A new genus and species of cardinalfish (Percomorpha, Apogonidae, Sphaeramiini) from the coastal waters of Vietnam: luminescent or not?LinkIT
Fraser TH, Prokofiev AM
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