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   Apodemus argenteus (Small Japanese Field Mouse) 

Broader Terms:
   Rodentia (rodents) 

More Specific:
   Apodemus argenteus argenteus 
   Apodemus argenteus hokkaidi 
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Common Names: Small Japanese Field Mouse

1.  Brachylaima asakawai sp. nov. (Trematoda: Brachylaimidae), a rodent intestinal fluke in Hokkaido, Japan, with a finding of the first and second intermediate hosts.LinkIT
Nakao M, Sasaki M, Waki T, Anders JL, Katahira H
Parasitology international, 2018

2.  Identification and characterization of two novel superantigens among Staphylococcus aureus complex.LinkIT
Zhang DF, Yang XY, Zhang J, Qin X, Huang X, Cui Y, Zhou M, Shi C, French NP, Shi X
International journal of medical microbiology : IJMM, 2018

3.  Estimation of Evolutionary Rates of Mitochondrial DNA in Two Japanese Wood Mouse Species Based on Calibrations with Quaternary Environmental Changes.LinkIT
Hanazaki K, Tomozawa M, Suzuki Y, Kinoshita G, Yamamoto M, Irino T, Suzuki H
Zoological science, 2017

4.  Prenatal postcranial development in two species of sympatric Japanese wood mice (Apodemus argenteus and A. speciosus): a comparison of arboreal versus terrestrial congeners.LinkIT
Koyabu D
The Journal of veterinary medical science, 2017

5.  Geographic Variation of Absolute and Relative Lower Molar Sizes in Two Closely Related Species of Japanese Field Mice (Apodemus speciosus and Apodemus argenteus: Muridae, Rodentia).LinkIT
Asahara M
Zoological science, 2017

6.  Dynamics, co-infections and characteristics of zoonotic tick-borne pathogens in Hokkaido small mammals, Japan.LinkIT
Moustafa MAM, Taylor K, Nakao R, Shimozuru M, Sashika M, Rosà R, Thu MJ, Rizzoli A, Tsubota T
Ticks and tick-borne diseases, 2016

7.  Functional characteristics of the Staphylococcus aureus ?-toxin allelic variant G10S.LinkIT
Cheung GY, Yeh AJ, Kretschmer D, Duong AC, Tuffuor K, Fu CL, Joo HS, Diep BA, Li M, Nakamura Y, Nunez G, Peschel A, Otto M
Scientific reports, 2015

8.  Molecular characterization and specific detection of Anaplasma species (AP-sd) in sika deer and its first detection in wild brown bears and rodents in Hokkaido, Japan.LinkIT
Moustafa MAM, Lee K, Taylor K, Nakao R, Sashika M, Shimozuru M, Tsubota T
Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases, 2015

9.  Estimating the molecular evolutionary rates of mitochondrial genes referring to Quaternary ice age events with inferred population expansions and dispersals in Japanese Apodemus.LinkIT
Suzuki Y, Tomozawa M, Koizumi Y, Tsuchiya K, Suzuki H
BMC evolutionary biology, 2015

10.  Chromosomal Aberrations in Wild Mice Captured in Areas Differentially Contaminated by the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident.LinkIT
Kubota Y, Tsuji H, Kawagoshi T, Shiomi N, Takahashi H, Watanabe Y, Fuma S, Doi K, Kawaguchi I, Aoki M, Kubota M, Furuhata Y, Shigemura Y, Mizoguchi M, Yamada F, Tomozawa M, Sakamoto SH, Yoshida S
Environmental science & technology, 2015