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Broader Terms:
   Gobiidae (gobies) 

More Specific:
   Apocryptodon bleekeri 
   Apocryptodon edwardi 
   Apocryptodon glyphisodon 
   Apocryptodon lomboyi 
   Apocryptodon madurensis 
   Apocryptodon malcolmi 
   Apocryptodon montalbani 
   Apocryptodon montalboni 
   Apocryptodon punctatus 
   Apocryptodon sealei 
   Apocryptodon taylori 
   Apocryptodon wirzi 

External Resources:

1.  Revising the distribution of a threatened goby, Apocryptodon punctatus (Perciformes, Oxudercidae), in Japan with the discovery of an isolated population.LinkIT
Murase A, Inui R, Miki R, Miyazaki Y
ZooKeys, 2017

2.  The complete mitochondrial genome of spotted hidden-teeth goby Apocryptodon punctatus Tomiyama (Perciformes, Gobiidae).LinkIT
Wen ZH, Chen IS
Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 2016