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   Aphis craccivora (cowpea aphid) 

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   Homoptera (treehoppers) 
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Aphis craccivora

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Common Names: black bean aphid, cowpea aphid, puceron de la gourgane

91.  Impact of imidacloprid on life-cycle development of Coccinella septempunctata in laboratory microcosms.LinkIT
Yu C, Lin R, Fu M, Zhou Y, Zong F, Jiang H, Lv N, Piao X, Zhang J, Liu Y, Brock TC
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2014

92.  Pyridine derivatives as insecticides. Part 1: synthesis and toxicity of some pyridine derivatives against cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch (Homoptera: Aphididae).LinkIT
Bakhite EA, Abd-Ella AA, El-Sayed ME, Abdel-Raheem SA
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2014

93.  Factors limiting the spread of the protective symbiont Hamiltonella defensa in Aphis craccivora Aphids.LinkIT
Dykstra HR, Weldon SR, Martinez AJ, White JA, Hopper KR, Heimpel GE, Asplen MK, Oliver KM
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2014

94.  Design, synthesis, crystal structure, insecticidal activity, molecular docking, and QSAR studies of novel N3-substituted imidacloprid derivatives.LinkIT
Wang MJ, Zhao XB, Wu D, Liu YQ, Zhang Y, Nan X, Liu H, Yu HT, Hu GF, Yan LT
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2014

95.  Do aphid carcasses on the backs of larvae of green lacewing work as chemical mimicry against aphid-tending ants?LinkIT
Hayashi M, Choh Y, Nakamuta K, Nomura M
Journal of chemical ecology, 2014

96.  Mechanisms relevant to the enhanced virulence of a dihydroxynaphthalene-melanin metabolically engineered entomopathogen.LinkIT
Tseng MN, Chung CL, Tzean SS
PloS one, 2014

97.  Wild tomato leaf extracts for spider mite and cowpea aphid control.LinkIT
Antonious GF, Kamminga K, Snyder JC
Journal of environmental science and health. Part. B, Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes, 2014

98.  Evaluation of etoxazole against insects and acari in vegetables in China.LinkIT
Li Y, Yang N, Wei X, Ling Y, Yang X, Wang Q
Journal of insect science (Online), 2014

99.  Natural occurrence of entomophthoroid fungi of aphid pests on Medicago sativa L. in Argentina.LinkIT
Manfrino RG, Zumoffen L, Salto CE, Lastra CC
Revista Argentina de microbiologia, 2014

100.  Identification of novel resistance gene sources to cowpea aphid (Aphis craccivora Koch) in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.).LinkIT
Aliyu H, Ishiyaku MF
Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS, 2013