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   Anomalocardia brasiliana (carib pointed venus) 

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Common Names: Carib pointed-venus, carib pointed venus

1.  Multi-species okadaic acid contamination and human poisoning during a massive bloom of Dinophysis acuminata complex in southern Brazil.LinkIT
Mafra LL, Nolli PKW, Mota LE, Domit C, Soeth M, Luz LFG, Sobrinho BF, Leal JG, Di Domenico M
Harmful algae, 2019

2.  Multivariate data analysis of trace elements in bivalve molluscs: Characterization and food safety evaluation.LinkIT
Barbosa IDS, Brito GB, Dos Santos GL, Santos LN, Teixeira LSG, Araujo RGO, Korn MGA
Food chemistry, 2019

3.  Anomalocardia brasiliana shellfish shells as a novel and ecofriendly adsorbent of Nylosan Brilliant Blue acid dye.LinkIT
de Paiva TMN, Fraga TJM, Sales DCS, Carvalho MN, da Motta Sobrinho MA
Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research, 2018

4.  An alternative approach to bioaccumulation assessment of methyl-Hg, total-Hg, Cd, Pb, Zn in bivalve Anomalocardia brasiliana from Rio de Janeiro bays.LinkIT
Fiori CDS, Rodrigues APC, Vieira TC, Sabadini-Santos E, Bidone ED
Marine pollution bulletin, 2018

5.  Seasonal variation in the abundance and distribution of Anomalocardia flexuosa (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Veneridae) in an estuarine intertidal plain.LinkIT
Silva-Cavalcanti JS, Costa MF, Alves LHB
PeerJ, 2018

6.  Presence of enteric viruses, bioaccumulation and stability in Anomalocardia brasiliana clams (Gmelin, 1791).LinkIT
Souza DSM, Dominot AFÁ, Moresco V, Barardi CRM
International journal of food microbiology, 2018

7.  Distribution and density of the bivalve Anomalocardia brasiliana in the estuarine region of Northeastern Brazil.LinkIT
Maia AMLR, Medeiros E, Henry-Silva GG
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2018

8.  Lunar influence on prey availability, diet shifts and niche overlap between Engraulidae larvae in tropical mangrove creeks.LinkIT
Lima AR, Barletta M
Journal of fish biology, 2016

9.  Antioxidant responses in estuarine invertebrates exposed to repeated oil spills: Effects of frequency and dosage in a field manipulative experiment.LinkIT
Sandrini-Neto L, Pereira L, Martins CC, Silva de Assis HC, Camus L, Lana PC
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2016

10.  Spatiotemporal appraisal of TBT contamination and imposex along a tropical bay (Todos os Santos Bay, Brazil).LinkIT
Artifon V, Castro ÍB, Fillmann G
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2016