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   Anethum (anethum) 

   Anethum (dill) 

Broader Terms:
   Anethum (dill) 
   Apiaceae (carrot) 
   Apium clade 

More Specific:
   Anethum arvense 
   Anethum capense 
   Anethum chryseum 
   Anethum cymbocarpum 
   Anethum dulce 
   Anethum erythraeum 
   Anethum foeniculoides 
   Anethum foeniculum (fennel) 
   Anethum graveolens (dill) 
   Anethum graveolens anatolicum 
   Anethum graveolens australe 
   Anethum graveolens copiosum 
   Anethum graveolens graveolens 
   Anethum graveolens nanum 
   Anethum graveolens parvifolium 
   Anethum graveolens segetum 
   Anethum graveolens sowa 
   Anethum graveolens tenerifrons 
   Anethum involucratum 
   Anethum japonicum 
   Anethum minus 
   Anethum panmori 
   Anethum panmorium 
   Anethum pannorium 
   Anethum pastinaca 
   Anethum patulum 
   Anethum pinnatum 
   Anethum piperitum 
   Anethum pusillum 
   Anethum rupestre 
   Anethum segetum 
   Anethum sowa (Indian Dill) 
   Anethum theurkauffii 
   Anethum trifoliatum 
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Anethum graveolens
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Did you mean: Anaetia, Anaetius, Anet, Aneta, Anetes, Anetia, Annette or Anoetus?

Common Names: anethum, dill

1.  Integration of non-target metabolomics and sensory analysis unravels vegetable plant metabolite signatures associated with sensory quality: A case study using dill (Anethum graveolens).LinkIT
Castro-Alves V, Kalbina I, Nilsen A, Aronsson M, Rosenqvist E, Jansen MAK, Qian M, Öström Å, Hyötyläinen T, Strid Å
Food chemistry, 2021

2.  Biological preservation of mayonnaise with Lactobacillus plantarum LBRZ12, dill, and basil essential oils.LinkIT
Teneva D, Denkova Z, Denkova-Kostova R, Goranov B, Kostov G, Slavchev A, Hristova-Ivanova Y, Uzunova G, Degraeve P
Food chemistry, 2021

3.  A water-soluble polysaccharide from Anethum graveolens seeds: Structural characterization, antioxidant activity and potential use as meat preservative.LinkIT
Hajji M, Falcimaigne-Gordin A, Ksouda G, Merlier F, Thomasset B, Nasri M
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2021

4.  Antioxidant Properties of Saffron Stigma and Petals: A Potential Therapeutic Approach for Insulin Resistance through an Insulin-Sensitizing Adipocytokine in High-Calorie Diet Rats.LinkIT
Mohaqiq Z, Moossavi M, Hemmati M, Kazemi T, Mehrpour O
International journal of preventive medicine, 2020

5.  Comparison of a Novel Herbal Medicine and Omeprazole in the Treatment of Functional Dyspepsia: A Randomized Double-Blinded Clinical Trial.LinkIT
Bordbar G, Miri MB, Omidi M, Shoja S, Akhavan M
Gastroenterology research and practice, 2020

6.  Salicylic acid mediated up regulation of carvone biosynthesis during growth phase in cell suspension cultures of Anethum graveolens.LinkIT
Bulchandani N, Shekhawat GS
3 Biotech, 2020

7.  Effect of dill (Anethum Graveolens Linn) seed on the duration of labor: A systematic review.LinkIT
Talebi F, Malchi F, Abedi P, Jahanfar S
Complementary therapies in clinical practice, 2020

8.  The Potential of Plant-Based Bioactive Compounds on Inhibition of Aflatoxin B1 Biosynthesis and Down-regulation of aflR, aflM and aflP Genes.LinkIT
Safari N, Mirabzadeh Ardakani M, Hemmati R, Parroni A, Beccaccioli M, Reverberi M
Antibiotics (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

9.  Efficacy of Six Plants of Apiaceae Family for Body Weight Management: A Review from the Perspective of Modern and Traditional Persian Medicine.LinkIT
Rameshk M, Kalantari-Khandani S
Current drug discovery technologies, 2020

10.  Hospital diet for COVID-19, an acute respiratory infectious disease: An evidence-based Protocol of a Clinical Trial.LinkIT
Moslemifard M, Gorji N, Ghadimi R, Kamalinejad M, Shirafkan H, Mozaffarpur SA
Caspian journal of internal medicine, 2020