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   Ananas comosus (matzatli) 
   Bromelia comosa 

Broader Terms:
   Ananas (pineapple) 

More Specific:
   Ananas comosus microstachys 
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Ananas comosus
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Common Names: pineapple, hedelmaeananas, matzatli, ananás, shiju, Piña, Piña, Ananas, abacaxi, osi

71.  Pineapple (Ananás comosus) leaves ash as a solid base catalyst for biodiesel synthesis.LinkIT
de S Barros S, Pessoa Junior WAG, Sá ISC, Takeno ML, Nobre FX, Pinheiro W, Manzato L, Iglauer S, de Freitas FA
Bioresource technology, 2020

72.  Systematic identification and comparative analysis of lysine succinylation between the green and white parts of chimeric leaves of Ananas comosus var. bracteatus.LinkIT
Mao M, Xue Y, He Y, Zhou X, Rafique F, Hu H, Liu J, Feng L, Yang W, Li X, Sun L, Huang Z, Ma J
BMC genomics, 2020

73.  Diversity and Toxigenicity of Fungi that Cause Pineapple Fruitlet Core Rot.LinkIT
Barral B, Chillet M, Doizy A, Grassi M, Ragot L, Léchaudel M, Durand N, Rose LJ, Viljoen A, Schorr-Galindo S
Toxins, 2020

74.  Identification and complete genomic sequence of a novel sadwavirus discovered in pineapple (Ananas comosus).LinkIT
Larrea-Sarmiento A, Olmedo-Velarde A, Green JC, Al Rwahnih M, Wang X, Li YH, Wu W, Zhang J, Matsumoto TK, Suzuki JY, Wall MM, Borth W, Melzer MJ, Hu JS
Archives of virology, 2020

75.  Identification and expression analysis of the DREB transcription factor family in pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.).LinkIT
Chai M, Cheng H, Yan M, Priyadarshani S, Zhang M, He Q, Huang Y, Chen F, Liu L, Huang X, Lai L, Chen H, Cai H, Qin Y
PeerJ, 2020

76.  Formulation of a fermentation substrate from pineapple and sacha inchi wastes to grow Weissella cibaria.LinkIT
Micanquer-Carlosama A, Cortés-Rodríguez M, Serna-Cock L
Heliyon, 2020

77.  Methylation Analysis of CpG Islands in Pineapple SERK1 Promoter.LinkIT
Luan A, Chen C, Xie T, He J, He Y
Genes, 2020

78.  GC-MS Based Metabolite Profiling to Monitor Ripening-Specific Metabolites in Pineapple (Ananas comosus).LinkIT
Ikram MMM, Ridwani S, Putri SP, Fukusaki E
Metabolites, 2020

79.  A role for MIR828 in pineapple fruit development.LinkIT
Rock CD
F1000Research, 2020

80.  Stem Bromelain Proteolytic Machinery: Study of the Effects of its Components on Fibrin (ogen) and Blood Coagulation.LinkIT
Azarkan M, González MM, Esposito RC, Errasti ME
Protein and peptide letters, 2020