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   Amphiprion peridaeraion 
   Amphiprion perideraion (false skunkstriped anemonefish) 

Broader Terms:
   Amphiprion (anemonefishes) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Common Names: false skunkstriped anemonefish, Halsbånd-klovnfisk, Bombin, Tu'u'u-lumane, salmon clownfish, 颈环双锯鱼, 頸環雙鋸魚, Hanabira-kumanomi, 粉紅海葵魚, 粉红海葵鱼, Iga ni gavoro, Inggu, Gombing, whitebanded anemonefish, False skunk striped clown, pink anemonefish, Vitpannad Clownfisk, Amfiprion zloty, pink skunk clown, False skunk-striped anemonefish, Geger putih

1.  Artificial light at night causes reproductive failure in clownfish.LinkIT
Fobert EK, Burke da Silva K, Swearer SE
Biology letters, 2019

2.  Staging and normal table of postembryonic development of the clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris).LinkIT
Roux N, Salis P, Lambert A, Logeux V, Soulat O, Romans P, Frédérich B, Lecchini D, Laudet V
Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists, 2019

3.  Active feminization of the preoptic area occurs independently of the gonads in Amphiprion ocellaris.LinkIT
Dodd LD, Nowak E, Lange D, Parker CG, DeAngelis R, Gonzalez JA, Rhodes JS
Hormones and behavior, 2019

4.  Predatory posture and performance in a precocious larval fish targeting evasive copepods.LinkIT
Fashingbauer MC, Tuttle LJ, Robinson HE, Strickler JR, Hartline DK, Lenz PH
The Journal of experimental biology, 2019

5.  Analysis of the coding sequences of clownfish reveals molecular convergence in the evolution of lifespan.LinkIT
Sahm A, Almaida-Pagán P, Bens M, Mutalipassi M, Lucas-Sánchez A, de Costa Ruiz J, Görlach M, Cellerino A
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

6.  On the half-life of thiocyanate in the plasma of the marine fish Amphiprion ocellaris: implications for cyanide detection.LinkIT
Breen NE, Bonanno JA, Hunt S, Grossman J, Brown J, Nolte H, Rhyne AL
PeerJ, 2019

7.  Competitive growth in a social fish.LinkIT
Reed C, Branconi R, Majoris J, Johnson C, Buston P
Biology letters, 2019

8.  Diel CO2 cycles and parental effects have similar benefits to growth of a coral reef fish under ocean acidification.LinkIT
Jarrold MD, Munday PL
Biology letters, 2019

9.  Going with the flow: hydrodynamic cues trigger directed escapes from a stalking predator.LinkIT
Tuttle LJ, Robinson HE, Takagi D, Strickler JR, Lenz PH, Hartline DK
Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 2019

10.  [Metamorphosis of marine fish larvae and thyroid hormones].LinkIT
Roux N, Salis P, Laudet V
Biologie aujourd'hui, 2019