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Broader Terms:
   Gobiidae (gobies) 

More Specific:
   Amoya andhraensis 
   Amoya chusanensis 
   Amoya gracilis 
   Amoya lopezi 
   Amoya madraspatensis 
   Amoya moloana 
   Amoya moloanus 
   Amoya multifasciata 
   Amoya nudiceps 
   Amoya pflaumi 
   Amoya pflaumii 
   Amoya signata (Tusk goby) 
   Amoya signatus (Tusk goby) 
   Amoya suluensis 
   Amoya veliensis 
   Amoya viganensis 
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1.  Depsipeptide companeramides from a Panamanian marine cyanobacterium associated with the coibamide producer.LinkIT
Vining OB, Medina RA, Mitchell EA, Videau P, Li D, Serrill JD, Kelly JX, Gerwick WH, Proteau PJ, Ishmael JE, McPhail KL
Journal of natural products, 2015

2.  Tetrodotoxin poisoning caused by Goby fish consumption in southeast China: a retrospective case series analysis.LinkIT
You J, Yue Y, Xing F, Xia W, Lai S, Zhang F
Clinics (Sao Paulo, Brazil), 2015

3.  Complete mitochondrial genome sequence and structure of control region of the Amoya chusanensis (Perciformes, Gobioidei).LinkIT
Jin X, Zhao S, Sun Y
Mitochondrial DNA, 2013

4.  Pacemaker therapy in syncope.LinkIT
Moya A, Roca-Luque I, Francisco-Pascual J, Perez-Rodón J, Rivas N
Cardiology clinics, 2013

5.  Overview of the contribution of recent clinical trials to advancement of syncope management.LinkIT
Moya A, Rivas N, Perez-Rodon J
Progress in cardiovascular diseases, 2013

6.  Syncope.LinkIT
Moya-I-Mitjans Á, Rivas-Gándara N, Sarrias-Mercè A, Pérez-Rodón J, Roca-Luque I
Revista espanola de cardiologia (English ed.), 2012

7.  [New records of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) near the Amoya River in Chaparral, Tolima].LinkIT
Contreras MA, Vivero RJ, Bejarano EE, Carrillo LM, Vélez ID
Biomedica : revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud, 2012

8.  Diagnosis, management, and outcomes of patients with syncope and bundle branch block.LinkIT
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9.  Reproducibility of electrocardiographic findings in patients with suspected reflex neurally-mediated syncope.LinkIT
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