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   Agaricus aellopum 
   Hypholoma aelopodum 

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71.  Biosorption of pharmaceutical products by mushroom stem waste.LinkIT
Menk JJ, do Nascimento AIS, Leite FG, de Oliveira RA, Jozala AF, de Oliveira Junior JM, Chaud MV, Grotto D
Chemosphere, 2019

72.  A comparative study between conventional and non-conventional extraction techniques for the recovery of ergosterol from Agaricus blazei Murrill.LinkIT
Taofiq O, Corrêa RCG, Barros L, Prieto MA, Bracht A, Peralta RM, González-Paramás AM, Barreiro MF, Ferreira ICFR
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2019

73.  Edible mushrooms as a ubiquitous source of essential fatty acids.LinkIT
Sande D, Oliveira GP, Moura MAFE, Martins BA, Lima MTNS, Takahashi JA
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2019

74.  100 Years Since Tolaas: Bacterial Blotch of Mushrooms in the 21st Century.LinkIT
Osdaghi E, Martins SJ, Ramos-Sepulveda L, Vieira FR, Pecchia JA, Beyer DM, Bell TH, Yang Y, Hockett KL, Bull CT
Plant disease, 2019

75.  Odorants from the Thermal Treatment of Hydrolyzed Mushroom Protein and Cysteine Enhance Saltiness Perception.LinkIT
Lopez J, Kerley T, Jenkinson L, Luckett CR, Munafo JP
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2019

76.  Genetic and Pathogenic Variability of Mycogone perniciosa Isolates Causing Wet Bubble Disease on Agaricus bisporus in China.LinkIT
Li D, Sossah FL, Yang Y, Liu Z, Dai Y, Song B, Fu Y, Li Y
Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

77.  Agaricus blazei-Based Mushroom Extract Supplementation to Birch Allergic Blood Donors: A Randomized Clinical Trial.LinkIT
Mahmood F, Hetland G, Nentwich I, Mirlashari MR, Ghiasvand R, Nissen-Meyer LSH
Nutrients, 2019

78.  Historical and current perspectives on therapeutic potential of higher basidiomycetes: an overview.LinkIT
Varghese R, Dalvi YB, Lamrood PY, Shinde BP, Nair CKK
3 Biotech, 2019

79.  Antigenotoxic and antioxidant potential of medicinal mushrooms (Immune Assist) against DNA damage induced by free radicals-an in vitro study.LinkIT
?ivkovi? L, Baji? V, Brui? M, Borozan S, Popi? K, Topalovi? D, Santibanez J, Spremo-Potparevi? B
Mutation research, 2019

80.  Two New Species and a New Chinese Record of Hypocreaceae as Evidenced by Morphological and Molecular Data.LinkIT
Zeng ZQ, Zhuang WY
Mycobiology, 2019