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   Agaricus aegerita 
   Agrocybe aegerita 
   Pholiota aegerita 

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Common Names: Seta de Chopo

1.  Agrocybe aegerita serves as a gateway for identifying sesquiterpene biosynthetic enzymes in higher fungi.LinkIT
Zhang C, Chen X, Orban A, Shukal S, Birk F, Too HP, Ruehl M
ACS chemical biology, 2020

2.  Critical role of IL-1? in the pathogenesis of Agrocybe aegerita galectin-induced liver injury through recruiting T cell to liver.LinkIT
Yu W, Lan X, Cai J, Wang X, Liu X, Ye X, Yang Q, Su Y, Xu B, Chen T, Li L, Sun H
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2020

3.  Effect of an additional N-terminal methionyl residue on enzymatic and antifungal activities of Ageritin purified from Agrocybe aegerita fruiting bodies.LinkIT
Ragucci S, Landi N, Russo R, Valletta M, Citores L, Iglesias R, Pedone PV, Pizzo E, Di Maro A
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2019

4.  Heterologous Production and Functional Characterization of Ageritin, a Novel Type of Ribotoxin Highly Expressed during Fruiting of the Edible Mushroom Agrocybe aegerita.LinkIT
Tayyrov A, Azevedo S, Herzog R, Vogt E, Arzt S, Lüthy P, Müller P, Rühl M, Hennicke F, Künzler M
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2019

5.  Ageritin, a Ribotoxin from Poplar Mushroom ( Agrocybe aegerita) with Defensive and Antiproliferative Activities.LinkIT
Citores L, Ragucci S, Ferreras JM, Di Maro A, Iglesias R
ACS chemical biology, 2019

6.  A new lipoxygenase from the agaric fungus Agrocybe aegerita: Biochemical characterization and kinetic properties.LinkIT
Karrer D, Rühl M
PloS one, 2019

7.  Exploring molecular tools for transformation and gene expression in the cultivated edible mushroom Agrocybe aegerita.LinkIT
Herzog R, Solovyeva I, Bölker M, Lugones LG, Hennicke F
Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG, 2019

8.  New terpenoids from the fermentation broth of the edible mushroom Cyclocybe aegerita.LinkIT
Surup F, Hennicke F, Sella N, Stroot M, Bernecker S, Pfütze S, Stadler M, Rühl M
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry, 2019

9.  New insights on unspecific peroxygenases: superfamily reclassification and evolution.LinkIT
Faiza M, Huang S, Lan D, Wang Y
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

10.  Polysaccharides with Antioxidative and Antiaging Activities from Enzymatic-Extractable Mycelium by Agrocybe aegerita (Brig.) Sing.LinkIT
Jing H, Zhang Q, Liu M, Zhang J, Zhang C, Li S, Ren Z, Gao Z, Liu X, Jia L
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2018